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Love for Solitude Practise Concentration - I'm a Double Light Angel #1

Love_for_Solitude_1 Mohini_Didi January 1, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay, everyone is well? Very good! I am sure everyone had a good day, the first day of the new year. To have yoga of intellect with One is only possible if yoga of intellect is broken from everyone. Actually, that is our first practice, right? I am a bodiless soul,, or I am an angel. So, if I have a connection with others, it's a connection of the soul. There are so many bodily relationships of like-dislike, close-far. So when Baba says to break the yoga of the intellect from everyone, it is subtle, but I think most of us have a natural feeling that if anything happens to me I have to give sakaash to someone. It’s not if I am well or everything is okay. Everyone has to be well and if everyone has to be well then I have to share sakaash with everyone. Generally, it happens, first you get concerned about you and then the people you know. Whatever their part is, they are as souls. So gradually my relationship becomes relationships with the souls, not bodily relationships. I don’t know how many of you are experiencing this. We have love, we are together, whatever is needed, we help each other. Internally, I am with Baba, my yoga of the intellect is with Baba,and from there, I connect with the souls. Sharing Baba’s love, light and might.

Baba said, “I give the gift of the Golden Age, where there are all attainments.” What is the Golden Age? I have to see if I feel I have all the achievements, or is there anything that I feel I still need to acquire? It’s a very subtle checking of enjoying the gift, the intellect with One and of course with everyone, through God’s love. It's a very beautiful spiritual and loveful relationship. We definitely care for each other but also the intellect is not pulled. So we have to do a lot of checking. Connecting in love with One is only possible when the yoga of intellect is broken with others. I came to Baba, Baba is my life. Every night there used to be a lot of restlessness in the family, so everyone voiced their concerns. I thought that was their love, because they thought about the future in India. Here girls can live alone, but in India it’s not common, they have to be with parents or someone. I realized when all that was happening, that internally I am getting disconnected. What is their interest in my life? Is it my happiness, is it my good life or society or customs, systems? I see what was emerging in me, not only disconnected, but looking at them as souls. This is my mother in this last birth, but what about the other 83 mothers? I had 84 mothers, so whom should I remember? When you come, you are a Brahmin, there is so much intoxication, we are only remembering Baba. Baba’s house, Baba’s car, how many times did we say Baba? How many of you can think of your childhood? Let it only be Baba Baba, everything Baba.

So, when it comes to solitude, which should be very often during the day, just be with Baba, remembrance of Baba, be with One Baba. Baba sustains me as Mother, Baba prepares me for inheritance as Father, teaches me to make me worthy as Teacher, and gives salvation and all blessings as Satguru. Also, the relationship with Baba as Friend, it’s not just through the intellect but we do feel who is sustaining us. Every relationship brings some kind of internal attainment. It’s very interesting, and those who have this experience of feeling all attainments from all relationships, such souls are able to be in solitude because they have so much inside, they can be okay. So with solitude, going in the cave is one thing, but even during the day for a few moments, we find we are drawn inward, in solitude, and that solitude is coming from all the attainments. This solitude and being with Baba is actually concentration because your thoughts are nowhere, so you do not have any waste thoughts or negative thoughts. So, I think that if we connect the point of self-respect, the practice of self-respect and Avyakti signals, it will work better. There are two parts of the homework. I have to practice self-respect but also whatever practical implementation of dharnas we have to do. Like creating this experience, thinking of all attainments, feelings and seeing what I am receiving from Baba in all relationships, and how Baba is taking care of me.

We are in Peace Village, and there is some benefit in that. It’s Baba who is guiding you, He will touch the intellect, and you will do that and then you see the benefits in that. We experience all these, so where will intellect go? Only to Baba, before, after, so looking at the homework of the bodiless stage and double light stage, but also because of these practices in the practical aspects of my life. I am able to be in that with self-respect, and then I am increasing my self-respect which will help me to be with Baba, more in solitude, and more of concentration. We have to interconnect, but don’t feel you have so many things to do. Check what I am feeling, it’s only the first day of the new year. Yes, I have responsibilities, but for practice I think it’s just one, remembrance, not having wasteful thoughts, not being pulled, all that is just one practice. I know that for practice, we get self-respect and then for churning, we get Avyakti signal, but if I follow Avyakti signals then I will be able to be in that practice of self-respect. If I practice self-respect, I will be able to imbibe the Avyakti signals. I want to say this because many of us feel a little fragmented in the sense, “Oh, now I have to do, now I have to read this, now I have to churn on this.” It will have a link, from day one to day two. Like today, what we are carrying is for tomorrow. So, it’s day two, and this is what Baba meant, to make it easy, because I like to be natural, easy, so that we can continue, not feeling that we have so much to do. So, this is very interconnected and I am sure that there will be a lot of joy in doing it, not because of attainments and being very playful, because Baba gave us gifts every day. He gave us Golden Aged gifts. So we look at all the attainments. Whatever is missing, I just do. So, I am sure you will also find it very easy.

Om Shanti


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