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Love for Solitude Practise Concentration - I am a Great Soul #5

Love_for_Solitude__5 Mohini_Didi January 5, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! Is everyone happy? You are happy. Satguru Baba is happy. I saw him very happy with all of us because when we make effort and we keep progressing, Satguru Baba is always pleased. I saw that he was very pleased with us. Many times we have heard that whether you are able to fix something, solve something, give someone, something needed at that time, that person will say you are great, this is great. Baba is saying that to have this awareness that I am a great soul, to remind us that when you give happiness, it's like fulfilling at the right time the need of that person, any kind of need. It could be spiritual or physical support. Especially in today’s time, at the right time, if you are able to get what you need, internally you are looking forward to something, some help, we are able to provide each other that. The other person doesn’t have to ask for anything, but you will have a feeling, and when the other person receives it, he will say you are really great. So, what makes me great, of course the awareness that I am a great soul. In soul consciousness, with spiritual love, we remain very connected to each other. When we are connected, then automatically we know what that soul requires at this time. As I said, it could be just a few words of courage. When you make other people feel great, it creates such a beautiful atmosphere that everyone feels great. That’s the part we have to play at the Confluence Age.

Baba says that when you have awareness, you are always constructive. You always try to mend the things, make things and not break things. Many powers are required. There are so many things, just merge them, you don’t need to say them, don’t need to act on them, just merge them. You will find that it's like you are giving happiness, and you don’t want to cause any kind of sorrow to anyone. Especially these days, everyone needs joy, everyone needs happiness. So make them feel light, and it will become light. Baba takes care of us also. Baba is our protector. He is a provider. Especially for this month of January, I had been thinking that very soon it will be January 18th and we will be celebrating Brahma Baba. I always say that he is my personal Angel. So, very deeply just seeing what he wants from us. To be great, but also, the practice that we are doing, of course, this is our self- respect. I am great and make everyone feel great. Always very constructive, which helps souls, spiritually or physically. It’s a common saying, if you are not well, still you keep doing things. You’re going great. You’re managing very well. All these sanskars of the Confluence Age give us the part in the Golden Age and all other Ages also, because the Confluence Age is the foundation. This is the age when we cultivate the Golden Aged sanskars. At the Confluence Age, there could be the influence of the Iron Age, but we live under the influence of the Golden Age. In Kalyug, Iron Age, there is always heaviness, concerns, necessary and unnecessary, both, but I have to be, as I always remind myself that Baba says, carefree emperor. So, if we have to be carefree emperors, the Golden Aged sanskars have to emerge. At every step, whatever are the needs of us as souls, all the needs will be fulfilled. Baba definitely is taking care of us.

So, today Baba is again describing, do not isolate yourself, put yourself in a room,, no communication with other souls, because then there could be excessive waste thoughts. If we communicate all the time properly, it brings closeness, clarity, and less thinking. So, not isolation but solitude. Like, you’re sitting with 10 people, and you can be in solitude, introverted, connected with Baba. It’s a very interesting experience. One is solitude, when you spend time in solitude, but the other is solitude while being in the gathering. That means internally you are very focused. You are listening, but you are not involving your feelings, reactions, no, just listen. When you are introverted, in solitude you really will hear what everyone has to say. Otherwise, while listening I am listening to myself more, so I am not listening. They say that first everyone listens to one’s own mind, even while listening to others. If you are introverted, in solitude, and listening, then even when you speak, you are heard properly. Some people say, “I am not heard.” Why are you not heard? I say nobody believes me. Nobody listens to me. So, practice solitude. From there, that deep concentration will come. All the practices are going to increase our capacity, whether improving the self or serving others, because we need more subtle powers. I realize that these subtle powers really come from solitude and, as Baba said, just go and find the ultimate end, in the sense that when you look at the ocean, you don’t see the end. Just sit with Baba, the Ocean of Love and just keep going, keep experiencing love, and keep sharing that love. We can do a few minutes as often we want during the day. If you get more time, to sit is very good, but if you have a routine, if you are at work, then 5 minutes, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, and by nighttime you definitely will feel that you are full, and your chart is okay. Yeah, you could have done more but today’s chart was a good chart. That is very important. Baba said, “Give the chart to Me.”

So, the month of January is the month of Tapasya. One day the guidelines were read in Peace Village. Guidelines that we created and also there was a beautiful message from Baba on Sunday morning. Baba guided us for our mind, body, resources, relationships, what you have to do in every way. So, I feel that some of those dharnas can help us with solitude and with concentration. And we are all planning to go to Madhuban, some are going, some are not going. Those who are going, there contribute in Madhuban, but for those who are not going, this time in Madhuban, February-March, when they have to buy all the grains for the whole year. They have to put in all the stock of oil and beans and grains. So this is a good time to contribute. Also, as I had mentioned, the Global hospital gives us a project, MRI, they are almost about to finish because they needed land and little building, but now their elevators, they have five elevators. They are very old. So, Dr Pratap talked to me. I said, “Sure, we all will help.” I myself was stuck a few times in the elevator. Now they don't have that problem, but they are still old ones, iron bars and so the new ones are very good. You won't get stuck on the first floor or second floor. So, he talked to me, and I said, “That's wonderful.” So, I thought it is Baba’s Day and just to mention it. Then again, it is very lovely to see all of you and feel happy to be with the family.

Om Shanti


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