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Look At The Jewel and Become A Jewel Of The Rosary #21

Determined_Thought_21 Mohini_Didi February 21,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, is everyone happy? Do you feel that you are also in Shantivan? We are in our unlimited home. Everything is unlimited here. Unlimited programs, unlimited Baba’s children, everything is unlimited, because it's one family, and it's a big family. Baba gives us very simple practices, but we have to practice. It’s only by practicing that we see the benefits. Then we definitely are becoming perfect. One of the important things is to not look at anyone’s defects. If you keep seeing everyone’s perfect form, you will also become perfect. Sometimes we look at the limits of others, the weaknesses of others, what part others are playing, what is not right, sometimes it’s nature, like a habit. One of the practices in the lokik world is to look at what is not right, what is the defect, what’s missing, what’s not accurate. When we come to Baba, we look at the specialities, at the quality, at the perfection. I remember after Baba became avyakt, Didi Manmohini invited a few of us to meet with her. I think there were 12 of us. This was just to explain to us what our responsibilities are, and how we should work with Dadi Prakashmani. When we sat down, the first thing she said was that each one of you should say what are your two specialties. We were kind of wondering, “How can I talk about my specialties?” So we said, “Can we talk about each other’s specialties?” She said, "No, you have to tell your own specialties.” So, we were given a few hours and then we were able to tell. What I am saying is that from the very beginning, Baba taught us the practice, to look at the specialities, to look at the virtues. So, it is in contrast with the lokik world, to see what is not right. Here, we always see what is perfection. So it is completely different.

Now Baba is saying that nothing should be visible, only a very sparkling diamond, a jewel in the center of the forehead. It’s a very good practice. It seems like there are two things Baba says, ;vritti’ and ‘drishti’, attitude and vision. Our attitude creates very powerful vibrations, and transformation of attitude will definitely change how we see everyone as a perfect diamond! Whatever I am seeing, all that is going in me in the sense that I am also becoming that. We take the example of Shiv Baba. When you go in front of Baba, do you ever feel, what are your weaknesses, defects, or do you feel great? You feel like a charitable soul, an elevated soul, a special soul. Naturally, great feelings emerge for one’s own self, because drishti uplifts others. I have experienced that if you really look at everyone with that spiritual love, with that stage of perfection, it helps the soul to progress on the spiritual journey. You never look at anyone’s weakness because whatever you are seeing, is getting in you, becoming part of you. That’s one thing, and secondly you are not helping anyone. What is service? Just to give the 7 days course, or giving classes through zoom, speaking gyan is not the only service. Service is that around you, through you, your environment should help others to progress. You inspire them to move forward towards their destination. That is the true service that Baba is pleased with. By looking at you, I felt Baba’s presence, I felt Baba is giving me drishti. I felt Baba was taking me home. So that’s true service at this time, and it’s not only with the Brahmin family, but even with lokik people. People do praise each other, but that could be just to please them. Here we are not pleasing, it’s reality, it's the truth that everyone is a sparkling jewel, everyone. So, how does Baba look at us? You are a sparkling jewel and this will help you, yourself to be in that awareness that I am also a sparkling jewel but also making others that. This will not only bring that self respect in them, but also they will experience God’s love. Now we only see the role of a person, the part of a person, nature of a person, sanskars of a person. Our first lesson is that everyone is a soul, but how much have we practiced? I like it when Baba is saying to look at everyone’s perfect stage. Emerging the perfect form, whether it’s of yourself or helping others to do it is also revealing Baba in a way, because we are all Baba’s children. So, as Baba’s children, you should reveal Baba. Baba is saying that even before revealing Baba, reveal your own stage of perfection. I think even if we do it for Amritvela, what is the stage of perfection? Baba describes 16 celestial degrees, completely viceless, all virtuous, or maryada purshottam. We can imagine bringing in your own image of light, emerging feelings or the image of divinity, or your different perfect forms. I think you will enjoy doing both. One is to look at everyone as a diamond, and the other is to emerge your stage of perfection. When we keep practicing, it will become very natural.

The example is given that we become an image that grants the visions to others. Baba is calling that our success. How do we see success? How many students came, how big is the center? We look at success in a very physical way, but Baba says that your success is as long as you can stay in the stage of perfection, like Baba. One thing we can say about Baba’s perfection is that He is the Ocean. We can also say that He is a Bestower. Baba knows each one of us will definitely become perfect. Brahma Baba used to say that even if someone becomes perfect earlier, you will have to wait until we all go together. We all have to become perfect. Maybe we should try half an hour, one hour all together, all in the same elevated thought, same elevated stage. This will be very good practice, not only for myself, but it is in the gathering. It will happen like one person, then five and ten, everyone can feel that power of silence. Everyone truly has peace, you will feel that. So the same is with the stage of perfection. Baba is saying that when you all will have that stage, then you will be able to reveal Baba. I think we are somewhere near our destination, but whatever a few steps are required, we need to be a little bit attentive, because Maya really comes in a very subtle form and your stage comes down. So, now our practice for today, look at everyone as a jewel, sparkling light.

Om Shanti

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