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Look at , listen to and think with a positive attitude #14

Elevated _Mind_And_Subtle_Attitude_14 Mohini_Didi May 14, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! To all the mothers but also those who have good mothers. Mothers have a caring nature. Mothers are the ones who spend nights awake, take care of children, but we also have experience of the Supreme Mother. I still remember that experience, how Brahma Baba took care of everyone. We were listening to one of the Dadis’ experiences, saying that there were 85 children and the way Brahma Baba taught the mothers to take care of them. How to wake them in the morning, make them sleep at night, and during the day take care of their hygiene, their food and everything. I myself have experience with Brahma Baba, caring when you are about to leave, have you taken food, have you taken fruit as your transport. He will ask all the details that he doesn't need, because there were people who had departments or responsibility, they would do it, but Baba did it himself. That left us with the sanskars of caring. Many say, “But you don't have to do it. We will take care.” I said, Whatever everyone does, they do it, but I am supposed to be doing it.

So there is Baba’s care, Baba’s sustenance, and today's message was so beautiful. I'm still feeling around me the energy of sustenance. Baba said, it is the whole universe and this capacity, but you know these days, human beings, they just take it, there is no gratitude. Ok, if the money was there, everything you can have air-conditioning, you can have whatever, but natural fresh air is different, or the fresh food that you get, the care. So every element, whether it is heat in the body, whether it is the voice of the person, which is sky, every element actually sustains us. So internally every human being, if you realize that, then what will be my nature and relationship? Let's say with a person you don't get along with, or you have some difficulty, then you have negative thoughts or negative words. Baba had been telling us that the very subtle attitude that you have spreads vibrations and from those vibrations, the atmosphere is created, and many have to live in that atmosphere. Any state of mind spreads, so vast the vibrations, one person gets tension, tension then anger, then fear. A lot of negative feelings emerge. So, what is our duty? What is our responsibility? Baba says that whether it is a person or a situation whatever it is, make it positive from negative. Look at whatever is happening, because there is some kind of karma, and we understand in the universe that whatever one does, the response of that will come in whatever way. You see the detail, if you go into it, see it, and take responsibility and transform yourself whatever negative in you to positive.

Always see some benefit in what is happening. Not seeing one one aspect, but in all aspects. For that, one needs patience, one needs trust. It's going to be ok. There will be something good that comes out of it. Never have fear. They always say that when there is a storm, there’s always a gift from that storm. All of us made little mistakes and our Didi Manmohini used to say, “It's all right,” In Hindi, they say “bhul mai bhi bhala hoga”. It doesn't mean you repeat it, but not to have wasteful thoughts, keep worrying about it, I made this mistake but it did happen. So, next time you are careful about it. Your thoughts go from negative to positive by seeing the benefit, we call this Drama, and it's so accurate. The calculation of Drama for every situation everywhere you are, whatever people you are with, all of that is beneficial.

So Baba is saying that your listening, your thinking and your seeing everything change from negative to positive. In science, technology or whatever people do, anything that doesn't look beautiful, they try to make it beautiful. So Baba is saying that in the same way, change your attitude. It's so interesting, Baba had been talking about attitudes so much and your presence creates a fragrance, or your presence creates love, or your presence creates fear. You are what your presence creates, and this is through your subtle attitudes. This morning when I was giving toli to the souls, we were a few hundred. You could feel everyone’s love to an extent they were very emotional. They look so strong, but there are very loveful tears. So, what is our giving sustenance or our homework for tomorrow? To change every thought from negative to positive.

Om Shanti

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