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Live as a trustee #03

Embodiment_of_Success_3 Mohini_Didi October 3, 2023

Hello, Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay, everyone well? You are pulled to be in Madhuban. It’s so beautiful. It’s very hot, but still very good. During the day, the sun is very hot. It’s the month of October, but still it’s hot, and then when the cold begins, it’s very cold. I understand the word trustee two ways, one is Brahma Baba, as you all know that he had business, had many houses, enough resources. He formed a trust of eight kanyas (unmarried girls). Then they became like trustees. They would manage everything even if they have to get Shrimat about how it should be. Braha Baba knew that ‘I am a trustee’ and that the trust belongs to Baba. Secondly, I know that every family, who has enough income, always thinks that they have made money from people. You don’t bring money with you, nor will you take it. Whatever fortune you have, you make money, and some find that I don’t want to use all the money just for family, so they start thinking of forming a trust. So, they form a trust of a certain percentage and write how it will be used. Some keep it for the study of grandchildren, there are many different ways to use the money. So I have these two concepts on the concept of a trust.

Baba also had to create a trust for world renewal, which Ramesh bhai used to take care of. A lot of people, when they donate money, they like to get a tax break, and because they like tax-breaks, they give into the trust. Brahma Kumaris are not registered. So if you give to Brahma Kumaris, you cannot receive, but here what Baba is saying is that you yourself are becoming a trustee.You are not forming another trust like Baba did or lokik people do. So, you are a trustee for yourself. Once you give, then you know you have given, but here it’s not giving, it’s like you are the trustee. So, think about the difference. Today, Baba is saying to live as a trustee in order to make your every elevated thought worthwhile, and to make yourself complete. Live as a trustee. To be a trustee means to be a double-light angel. Baba is saying that one elevated thought of the child, and you have the fruit of a thousand elevated thoughts from the Father. Baba says you receive a thousand fold for one. So it's very subtle, am I really a trustee? So use everything as a trustee where you can get a thousand fold. Think about it.

Om Shanti


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