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Let There Be Pure Feelings and Feelings of Love for Every Soul #20

Honest_Heart_20 Mohini _Didi December 20, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

It is Christmas Time and the New Year is coming! So, we prepare ourselves by keeping pure feelings, loveful feelings for everyone. Just imagine, constantly consistently having loveful feelings, what kind of experience will it bring to us? I always remember three words Baba had said in the Murli, “Love, cooperation, and sympathy.” Whatever sanskars anyone has, we come to know those sanskars, because they come in words and actions, but we shouldn't get upset about anything. We shouldn't show that “Oh, I don't like this, this is not right.” Someone said, “But how can you avoid it? If you don't like it, you don't like it. So, how not to express that dislike?” If you look at everything in a very subtle way, who is hurting, who is hurt by dislike? Actually, you yourself are not in a good mood because of seeing the sanskars of someone. How do I resolve it? There must be some karmic accounts, there must be certain things. So, how do I help the souls? That is called service right? Without expressing any rejection, or any objection, and of course there is no hatred but dislike. In front of everyone, I like this one, but Baba would say that I like everyone, but I like this one more because of this virtue, if it is there.

To become like Baba, with true hearts, seated on Baba’s heart throne, we have to work on ourselves a lot in a subtle way. Once Dadi Prakashmani or Baba gave us a chart for one year, I don't know how many of you remember, about anger. Dadi used to say that yes you all are celibate, but real celibacy is when you are free from anger. One of the words they use for celibacy not only in action but in attitude, in body consciousness is called indulgence. That means you indulge in something, even for food or for anything, especially in someone's nature, sanskars. So, we have to become, like Baba said, very pure and full of loveful feelings, because you have to look at the soul. If you look at the soul’s original and eternal quality, you will have love for every soul. Sometimes yes, there is fear of expression of that love, but internally there should be love, that means you have only quality of love in your heart. You don't have any other qualities. Sometimes we reject or we react because of our own sanskars but we have to now change those sanskars and just be very lovely and also, as Baba said, have pure feelings.

Baba also had been kind of giving a signal, preparing us, or in other words warning us, what should be our stage now. Anything can happen at any time. So, this whole month we had been practising about Honest Heart and to be truthful. I think again it's working on the self, as much I become very subtle, very angelic, and of course staying with Baba, remembrance of Baba, then the sanskars should change forever. Even if I say it’s someone else's sanskars, I also think what can I do? It is only with my own sanskars whether I reform them, change them, recreate new sanskars, but I can only work on myself. That is where all these eight powers are important. Sometimes I have to adjust, accommodate, face certain things, use the power to discern, judge. So, we are not looking at big sanskars, but we inculcate powers. Whichever power is required at this time, let me use that power. Power will bring transformation of sanskars, and we don't come to know sanskars; it's only when the thoughts come or words emerge.

One time in Madhuban, someone had some feelings from the past for other person, so that sister used to serve food and we used to notice so much that when the other person's turn will come to get the food, she will give in a way as if not nicely sweetly but quantity wise also. So one day I asked her, ``Do you have any difficulty?” I never say problem. “Do you have difficulty with that soul?” She said, “Yeah, she did this in the past.” So I said, “Then you should do much better with her. Anyone who doesn't do right, you do more good so that realisation comes in that soul.” What I'm receiving is so good, what am I giving? I'm receiving love, I'm receiving that soul's company and I'm holding this in my heart! So, always remember who is actually losing. Who is losing? Never hold anything from the past, whatever you see that soul feels, or has desire, give that to the soul. Some like respect, they should be praised a little bit, and there are some souls who like that they should always be given the opportunity for seva. They are the ones who want to do it. I have some situations where I always thought give that soul more. So there is deep contentment, the desire is fulfilled, and I saw change, a big change in that soul also.

We have to be bestowers. Baba's main quality is Bestower. How am I experiencing that Baba really loves me, Baba cares for me? It is the same you have to give to others. Each one of us, we are taken care of by Baba. If somebody says that they don't care for me, Baba cares. If Baba cares then I care for others, and when I care for others, I receive. I'm sure most of you must be looking into your heart and chart, are you holding something? My heart is ok, my chart also is ok because, as Baba says, you won't know your heart without your chart. In the chart it shows whether in words or through your mood and through your attitude, what you did, that is your chart, right? So even if you say no, I don't have anything but your chart will show you that something is still there. So I like it very much when Baba is saying that true brahmacharya is no anger, anger in any very subtle form. If something has happened and you have been hurt, that hurt sometimes again and aches, pain arises from that hurt. I can forgive, take power from Baba and heal myself and never do something because another one did it, that's the biggest problem. I have to be my pure self, I have to share what Baba is sharing with us. So these Avyakti signals are really very Avyakt, in the sense of making us Avyakt. Avyakt is angelic, subtle, not behaving in an ordinary way, but alokik. My behaviour, my words, everything is very alokik, spiritual, and that is pure and lovely. Ok we will do our homework, reflect more on this, and keep our chart also.

Om Shanti


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