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Let the attitude of your mind always be good and powerful#16

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_16 Mohini_Didi May 16, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone, okay? In Hindi, bliss is called Anand, Anand hi Anand, bliss upon bliss, blessings. At the Confluence Age, our stage should be one of bliss. To know and to stay in the reality of one's own stage should be very clear. Baba said that the shadow of Maya, or reasoning of Maya makes you feel good, because Maya is very deceiving. Maya is very elusive in that it makes you always feel great, but not in the right way. Subtle arrogance of the self, of being knowledgeful or a yogi soul, always brings downfall. So Baba is cautioning us, because this kind of intoxication of Maya in which you feel great, is actually very harmful because it is not real. Shrimat of Baba, every word of knowledge Baba speaks, is eternal truth, and for us, we make each word of knowledge part of our life. Let our thoughts, our words, our actions be based on Baba‘s knowledge. Baba explains in the Confluence Age, that we have to move from the Iron Age and move further towards the Golden Age. The Confluence Age is taking us into the period of goodness. There is always abundance, happiness, and pure relationships. Baba is taking us into that age where we have all these experiences. Now, Maya will try to compete by equally creating temporary happiness, but that’s not real.

I remember when we came to Gyan, Didi Manmohini used to say if the stage was real. It is not like a balloon, you fill it with gas, it goes higher, then a little thing pierces it and there is no air. So intoxication, which goes up and then drops is not real. True intoxication will be consistent. Sometimes when you buy something, it looks very good, but when you start using it, it does not last long. So that’s what Maya's intelligence or reasoning promises, but it does not stay long. This is how we can immediately discern and know that this is the illusion of Maya, promising me something. I have seen some of Baba‘s children say very tempting words and make many promises, they get attracted to getting something better, and then they get trapped. It could be position, name and form or any kind of attainment. That is why Baba says to be in the unlimited stage, so you’re not tempted by anything. There are so many Baba’s children who were caught in the fraud because they were tempted. Let’s say you invest money in a scheme in order to get this much interest, it sounds good, but they never got back anything. So, we all have to be very careful, and have the power to discern, not allow greed to tempt you. So today Baba is also saying that we all need to transform everything negative to positive. Yesterday, Baba is saying to maintain this thought that everything is good, and will be good. Just keep saying it, it’s going to be ok, it will be good. I think we must definitely practice and experiment with that. Knowing is good, but I would like to practice, because Baba says that your thoughts will create an atmosphere. The atmosphere has a great influence on all of us. Many times we say that I would not have done it, but the atmosphere was such that I did it.

So, what kind of atmosphere do we have to create that everyone who is involved gets very quickly under the influence of that goodness? Our thinking of good will make us good, and then our good thoughts will create a good atmosphere. Then others will think good and they will also do good, and become corporative in Baba's task. Baba is saying not to allow your mind to go into questions like, “How is it going to happen?Who will do it? Why did this happen?” These questions are very subtle, and they’re really coming from our weak points. When the mind is strong, your thoughts are elevated. When your mind is weak, then there is a lot of why, how, and that is confusing. You stand there and you keep thinking. So, I like the idea of what we have to do to create the atmosphere where others can also think good and do good. That’s only possible if I have those thoughts and create an atmosphere, not influenced by Maya in any way. I think that we all have a little bit of experience, if we have been tempted any time, the result is never ever a good result. So, that is why we all have to just stay under the canopy of Baba, and remain merged in Baba’s love, so that Maya cannot touch us.

Om Shanti

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