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Knowledge and Yoga #22

Volcanic_Yoga_22 Mohini_Didi August 22, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay, everyone is good and well? In the Confluence Age, when Baba gives us everything, we have to be okay! Baba keeps saying that when there is love, then in some way or other, you are equal, or you are the same. Our thinking, our speaking, our interaction with each other will show no difference. It will be just love. I was thinking that if that happens, our true love makes us all equal. Life definitely will be very light and joyful. I think it will happen as our stage will be not our sanskars but our eternal stage, our original stage. So, our eternal stage is the same. Our original stage is the same. We all are divine, we are all pure, we have divine virtues, we are deities. I always feel that a lot of time, a lot of energy, everything could be saved if there is an equality of love. Like with Brahma Baba, even when we were very young, he always looked at us as we were equal. So this being equal comes from those who are older than us. They look at younger ones as equal so that they can grow in their thinking. I always remember that Brahma Baba would discuss with us on an equal basis. He didn't have to advise or give direction all the time, no. I think that is because he looked at us as equals, all the Dadis. We were able to grow and grow, and our feelings are that Baba is uplifting us. So If these thoughts are there in the mind, then all these qualities will also be cultivated or inculcated by the younger generation. However, if you always think that this one is younger, but then tomorrow, that one has to be equal, so why don’t I look at that one as equal now? You would be surprised that when the parents look at their child at the age of 7-8 and talk very wisely and maturely with them, their sense develops. They mature very quickly. So, I always feel that Baba looks at us as equals and then our feelings grow. It's as if we are becoming like Baba. So experiment with that and you will feel good. True service is cooperation with our virtues, so that everyone can develop those qualities and become like us.

In this gathering, there are many sitting as families. We have a father and son, husband and wife, brother and sister. We have two sisters and definitely some are young, some are old. How do we look at each other? Love means equal. One is becoming equal, and the other is our drishti of equality. So we are giving respect and sharing love, and this definitely helps the other person to become equal very quickly. Our homework is that we are receiving knowledge, are we changing knowledge into light, nectar, wealth like treasure, the third eye. They say to remove the darkness of ignorance and ignite the light of knowledge. So, knowledge is not just for listening. Knowledge has to be changed, converted into light, or even sometimes we say the power of knowledge. Yoga is power. That is why those who have a good balance of knowledge and yoga are very stable. They are also very joyful, like sitting on a swing, both ropes are equal, which creates stability and joy. So today Baba is saying to keep the stage of a lighthouse and mighthouse, and experience this stage constantly. Knowledge is light and yoga is might. Both should be like light and might. This is called being a Master Almighty Authority. There are some souls, even if they are not many years in knowledge but their maturity, the power of authority, is like Master Almighty. I think that for every one of us, it’s like food. When we eat food, in some bodies it becomes really what is required by the body proportionately, but some eat and still they are not strong, because they are not able to digest the food and convert the food into energy. So we all have to keep the balance of knowledge and yoga. The Confluence Age is the age to enjoy, swing in the swing of knowledge and yoga, light and might together. Even in the bulb, electricity, light but inside is voltage, might. So is it the light based on the might, or might based on the light? We will definitely say whatever might is, it will be seen as a light. So, good yoga is based on good knowledge, good light, is based on yoga. Both are very important.

Om Shanti


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