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Knowing God: Only ONE #6

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Oursevles_6 Mohini_Didi June 6, 2022

Our hearts are full of gratitude to Baba. Baba says we have to have a personality of contentment with all the attainments, the powers, virtues and knowledge. When we think of Baba on the path of bhakti, we are always asking for something. We want solutions or answers. Now we know. Baba said, it’s the inheritance we have to claim.

We had never imagined that we have to become like our Father. As soon as I was given Baba’s introduction and that of the soul, I immediately felt that I am like my Father, or my Father is like me. It was such a feeling, that Baba’s image and my image are the same. If I am God’s child, then I would definitely have all the qualities of Baba. I immediately felt so close to Baba. I always felt close to God, but not in this way of a likeness. It’s something very real and simple. Immediately our thoughts change the way we speak. Our face, everything shows the contentment of all the attainments. Take a few seconds and experience that yes, I’m like Baba, I’m like my Father. We have acquired a lot of sanskars of body consciousness, but eternally, originally, I have all godly, heavenly sanskars. There was a big change, all of us experienced immediately that I am so peaceful. I am pure. I am love-full. I am powerful. It was a big contrast to before when I thought I have all defects, I am very weak. We used to think of ourselves in a very low esteem. As soon as we belonged to God, the whole thing internally changed.

You all can think about when you began this journey, we felt very close to God. Now because we have to be victorious, we have to be pure. Some sanskars emerge from time to time. We keep changing those sanskars and make them divine, make them pure. The more you look at yourself, you find that you have a lot of specialties, good qualities, and a lot of divine virtues. Some percentage in some virtues might be less, otherwise we are complete. We have so much knowledge. Everyday Baba speaks to us and gives so many points in the murli everyday. I only try to write a few important points, otherwise the way Baba explains everything is not only clear, but it goes deep inside. There’s so much wisdom in everything. By having all attainments, not only there is contentment, but also self-respect. We have respect for everyone, but even Baba doesn’t want us to bow in front of everything or ask anyone for anything. We are Baba’s children, so our treasure store is full. Baba wants us to use our thoughts, words, actions, and all the resources in a worthwhile way for the sacred purpose. When we give, our interactions, everything, is used in a sacred way. We never thought in that way before, now we think about our sacredness, because I'm a child of God. I’m the one who’s the heir soul of God, so no wastage. We make everything very valuable, very pure. We will be thinking about that, and internally creating this heavenly feeling of being a child of God. I am divine. I’m also godly. When these thoughts are there, naturally our feelings are very sacred.

We’re going to do more practice to remain in this awareness of who am I, whom I belong to, and also the intoxication of all the attainments. This definitely gives us the experience, the feelings of belonging to One. We feel peaceful, we feel love-full, very internally free with no bondage. Then there are very love-full, harmonious relationships with everyone. With recognition of God as One and we all as one family, we look at everyone’s specialties, qualities, and we know that whatever is happening is according to drama, it’s beneficial. We are able to see the importance and the value of each scene of the drama. We know it’s accurate, it’s very beneficial. So many beautiful feelings come. I have to create heaven within myself.

Om Shanti.


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