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Know the Importance of Method of Service and Become Great #07

Honest_Heart_7 Mohini_Didi December 7, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba wants us to close all the doors to Maya and to obstacles. He keeps telling us many yuktis, methods. Baba had been saying a lot about feelings, bhavna. How do we maintain enthusiasm all the time? I like when Baba said that you have to become like Baba and have bhavna to also make others like Baba. I have to be an angel like Baba, and bhavna is to also make others like Baba. So, becoming like Baba will keep my enthusiasm, and also I have to make others like Baba, like angels. So, always have not only pure bhavna but elevated bhavna for everyone. That means you yourself will set an example of enthusiasm, courage, constantly making efforts, and maintaining pure feelings. So, it seems like pure feelings are like the breath of Brahmin life, bhavna. Even have good bhavna for yourself, not only for others. So, enthusiasm, inner energy, will keep motivating you to make good efforts. Then Baba is saying service is service, but to sustain the Yagya, that is, doing karma yoga, is very important. You should not think that this service is better than that service, or giving lectures is better than doing something in the kitchen. Baba says, “No, once you keep doing what you are doing in yoga.” Baba is using the words yogyukt and yuktiyukt. That means all the methods based on knowledge. Whatever you do, Baba said, if you are washing the pots in the kitchen, or you are giving a talk, both are equally important.

I remember I used to travel a lot, so there was always a public program in the evening. By the time we came home, it would be 9:00 PM or 9:30 PM, we all had eaten dinner and the sink was full of dishes. One time it was Wednesday, and the next morning was Thursday, so there should be a clean kitchen, clean pots, everything clean. So, generally it happens that they give this duty to one sister, and you make bhog tomorrow, but then she has to clean the kitchen and everything before. So, I generally have this habit, we all will sit here, that means we all will be around and let's all do it together. You would be surprised that in 20 minutes somebody cleaned the table, somebody cleaned the dishes, and things were ready for bhog, everything was done in half an hour. If you leave it on one person and that person finishes by midnight, then the next morning they have to make bhog. Now the love and pure feelings enable us to be part of that. Otherwise I will say that it's not my duty, it's not my department. If all of us do it together, there is cooperation. I saw with Brahma Baba that anything they did, even very difficult things, others would also come and start doing. So, Baba is saying that it is not what kind of service you are doing, but it is in the stage you are doing, the love, the bhavna. No action is ordinary action in the Yagya.

One time I remember we all were invited to Pandav Bhavan for a meeting, Dadi Prakashmani was also there. It was a big program and so interesting. When I went there, Dadi Prakashmani had a broom in her hand and she was cleaning. So many were there, why did she have to do it? She said, “Everyone was busy, and you all had to come, so I decided to clean.” So, that means there was never that status conscious, that I am the head of the organization, so why do I have to clean for others? Some of these actions not only inspire us, but set a good example for us. What happens when the place is clean and you are arriving, and you come to know that Dadi did it? What comes from the heart? The blessings, and how great she is. We have some examples even now, of those who were in the Yagya from the very beginning when we did everything all around. These days it's not all around. So, Baba is giving this example and maybe in future we will see why it is important, but Baba is saying that what is important is the method. Have pure feelings, remember Baba, and be yogyukt and yuktiyukt. It is really great fortune if we have the opportunity to do everything. Sometimes we don't even have that opportunity, but if we do, we should take it. I remember when Didi Mohini used to say that settling karmic accounts is sometimes through the body or of a different nature. If you use your body in a proper way, you settle in an elevated action. So, every moment there is an opportunity to settle and to create your elevated fortune. The Bestower of Fortune can bestow on us more and more blessings.

So, Baba is saying that whether you give lectures or wash pots doesn't matter because what is happening is sanskars are being created. Sanskars of love, of bhavna for the Yagya. Serving the Yagya is serving Brahmins. So, everyone should think that I have to be all rounder, I should know everything to do. Today, I realized that even remembrance of Baba emerges certain qualities in us, and every quality has emerged from remembrance. Let's say you have a lot of patience, I found those who have remembrance of Baba, deeply within themselves, they have so much patience and a lot of trust. These qualities are emerging through remembrance. You can have patience, but deeply within the soul, the soul experiences the joy and comfort of that patience because that quality of patience is emerging from remembrance of Baba. Baba will take care of everything, He is my parent, I belong to Him, so I don't have to have desires. Baba, please do this for me, someone said while doing yoga for a good house. Dadi Janki used to say, “Why do yoga for the house? Do it for yourself.” I also keep reminding myself to burn the alloy, to remove the rajo, to make souls higher and higher, to settle karmic accounts. There is so much we need to do through remembrance, to make remembrance very pure, as Baba said, from the heart. First is definitely to settle my karmic accounts to make myself satopradhan, because if I am satopradhan, everything around me will also have that energy of sato. Satopradhan means Golden Aged. So my inner stage, my circumstances, will be like the Golden Age. So, I have to pay attention that I want all that, and it is only possible if I remember Baba from my heart. The more I think about it, the more I can see how subtly we could have some expectations through remembrance. Yes, circumstances will change through remembrance, but I don't have that desire. I just say, “Oh, I have to remember Baba with a lot of love.” So again, as much as we have love and bhavna, we do everything with love, we remember Baba with love, and we have love and bhavna for everyone. I think that will keep us full of enthusiasm and joy, and we will keep moving forward.

Om Shanti

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