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Karmateet # 29

Liberation_ in_ Life 29                  Mohini_Didi                   December 29, 2023 

Om Shanti Everyone!! 

Okay means happy, I was feeling when everything inside is okay, one feels happy, real feelings of happiness come. Sometimes we try, but it doesn’t work. It’s good that there is a lot of understanding and we have been practicing. Baba is comparing vices with the snakes. Have we conquered all the snakes? One snake with so many heads we call a ‘serpent’. I like it when Baba is saying what kind of stage we create, what kind of experience we should have, so that we can make these snakes dance. Do you feel they are under control? A conquer of sinful action means no more snakes. I want to attain a stage which is consistent in the angelic stage, the stage of being a master, so instead of thinking of snakes, to conquer them, I just practice concentration in such a way that I create a stage where snakes cannot come near. What we want is conqueror sinful action, that means the snake should be finished. One is making effort  to destroy the snakes, another is  to create a consistent stage. When I am creating a stage, we will see some obstacles to come. 

Baba said organize a court at night and see which sense organ, which organ of the body deceives or makes mischief,  then we come to know that this type of sanskar is in the soul and is making the soul do such action. It could be through the eyes. There are certain things we see but we ignore, we don’t go into details of that knowing. There are certain things you are exposed to but your eyes or your intellect pulls you to go more into the details, now that is sanskar.  You don’t want it but still you are pulled. These days with social media with so much happening all over. I remember that Baba used to tell us that when you open a newspaper, read the news about who is visiting India, how we contact them, what service we can do, but not the stories of this happened or that happened. Baba used to actually teach us what news we should read. What we see through the eyes is really something which stays, I want to stop it, but it doesn’t stop, it keeps going on and on. That is why one of the practices Dadis always gave us was to remember Baba. We discuss a lot now to remember Baba and everyone’s intellect is with Baba. Baba will give us more ideas. You will do anyway, but if you go to Baba and get ideas, they will definitely be better. This way I feel then our stage, our everything gets better and better, remembrance of Baba and concentration. Sometimes we have a good intellect, everything is good, so we are happy with that. I feel, go a little above, go a little higher, that can help a lot.  We all have to keep the aim tomorrow to look at how consistent I remain, and how much I fluctuate. If I remain consistent, Baba will stay with me also.

Om Shanti

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