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Karankaravarhar -The Activities of the Subtle Region #25

Karankaravanhar _25 Mohini Didi July 25, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

There are two things Baba mentioned. One is that some think too much. They think too much before doing something and even after they have done it, they still keep thinking about it. A lot of power goes in extra thinking. Every moment is drama, it has passed and there must be some benefit in that. Baba is with us. Baba is giving us company. Be with Baba and drama, just keep moving forward. We all had this habit of thinking too much. Now it has become something we are attentive to and we find OK something has been done or I went through something, it's all drama. It's not extra thinking that is going to change it or going to bring any benefit to us, it’s just a habit. Same is the pull of intellect, very subtly, is my intellect pulled towards something, a situation or a person? What pulls my intellect? If we pay attention to that, immediately try to withdraw from there, and start thinking of Baba. It's coming from our sanskars, some karmic accounts. No, I have to be in Baba’s remembrance, my intellect shouldn’t be pulled anywhere. So these two habits - thinking too much before and after and allowing intellect to be pulled anywhere, and that is why now all relationships with Baba, ‘One strength, One support’.

Baba is also talking about the clarity of shrimat. We have to be viceless, all virtuous. Whatever the shrimat is, if I follow, it will help me to be viceless and virtuous. I myself had been thinking about what is shrimat at every step. We can do our duties, fulfill our responsibilities and do whatever is necessary in a very natural way to live that life. Brahma Baba had responsibility for the divine family, his children. He was part of everything, he was with everyone. I really like the way Baba participated - lived in a very natural way. Baba had this big unlimited alokik family. Everything that you have to do is done in a very natural way and from your heart, Never think that shrimat is restrictions. Shrimat is actually directions for our journey. We are traveling, we have to reach our destination. If we follow shrimat- directions in the correct way, we will make it in time. We don't take the wrong route or miss the right direction. I always see shrimat as guidelines. Baba gives us very clear directions of what to do. Baba talks about ascending degrees all the time, otherwise there is ascending and descending. Look at yourself, don't think too much, don't allow intellect to be pulled and take shrimat. If you are not clear, you can discuss it with seniors, so that you are more clear.

Today is a very interesting topic about “subtle regions”. I'm sure you all have some experience of subtle regions. It's like a very subtle pull, especially on Thursdays. You go in deep silence, you are not pulled anywhere else but towards Baba. You could also feel that without much effort you could be in silence, close to Baba and very angelic. Going to subtle regions, one is to just have experience, other is if we are going to Baba, then Baba has to pull us. Sometimes, we don't allow ourselves to be pulled up and we get pulled in many different directions. When Baba has to give us a message or directions, His thoughts will reach over our minds. If my mind is somewhere else I cannot catch whatever Baba’s message is. It should touch us. Effort is not how to experience the subtle region or go to Baba, but to keep that stage, not to think too much or allow intellect to be pulled. Subtly thoughts keep coming again and again, could be a situation, a person or whatever. We have to practice to create that kind of stage. Certain habits have to be changed. We know that this is the iron age and we are at a confluence age. The confluence age is more towards the golden age. Every day we should feel that there is a lot of transformation in us before something happens. We might waste a lot of time and now we just say it’s drama, it happened. Let's move forward, get better and better. As much as we work on our stage, make it very subtle, it becomes easy to be with Baba in subtle regions. It’s not becoming subtle and being there, but the effort is to make our mind and intellect subtle. Everything we do, we see, we talk, but then it's over. If it's not going beyond then it keeps coming back, a lot of power, time and energy goes to waste. Because it's not necessary, it creates heaviness, burden. Anything which is beyond what you can do, then Baba is Karankaravanhar. Actually, Baba is Karankaravanhar all day, all the time. It is His task, what He has to do, He keeps doing it. It's not only when I need help. Sometimes I find He really gets things done through all of us. I was in Toronto and I was wondering how everything is just going on. Even though I didn't feel that I was doing anything, so much was happening. It must be Baba right! It's not that I have to call out and say Baba now please help, you just be available, be ready and Baba will make it happen. You won't even feel that you are doing anything. That's what I had been feeling recently, that He is doing everything and I'm fortunate He can do it through me so that I can also earn my fortune.

This Thursday is Didi’s day, so you all go to Baba in subtle regions and offer bhog to Didi and take some special blessings from Didi.

Om Shanti!


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