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Karankaravarhar - Selfless Love #22

Selfless Love #22 Mohini_Didi July 22nd, 2022

Om Shanti everyone. When we look at beautiful flowers, they always inspire us. When I was in Toronto, Canada, we had yellow flowers with green leaves. The way they were set up, many commented on how beautiful they were. Someone got inspired and said we should do it here too. We got these yellow flowers. Anything good we do, it inspires others, anything. We have so many things to share today.

First we start with Avyakt Bapdada’s few versions. Are we all full? Dadi Janki used to say, there might be some leaks. It’s not really easy to fix the leaks. Anywhere in the house, if there is a leak, you have to find the source of the leak and damage is a lot. We need to seal it completely. What happens to all is, I am full of love, but suddenly, I find a big leak. What came to mind? What happened that affected me and I lost my love? One good thing is everyone has consciousness, whatever we’re doing, it’s for Baba in yagya. Anyone’s sanskar comes up for a few moments. I saw souls hurt, or they cried, but immediately they became alright. The reason is I cannot catch them, because of anyone’s sanskar, why would I? I have to create my fortune. I found that very beautiful, and that’s why I’m repeating it. First thing is that I don’t want any of my powers, virtues or attainments to get lost. Secondly, I have to continue to create my fortune, because we don’t know how long we have. I always say, whatever I can do today, let me do it. We don’t know tomorrow. Any kind of circumstances can come. Remaining full should be our aim. Baba said that’s the royalty.

These days, everyday we find we need very little. Yes, Baba’s bandara is full and will remain full. For my own self, what do I need? Baba says if you are internally full, externally you will also be full. If you are nimit for Baba’s bandara, it will also remain full. There are no desires. That’s our royalty. Then less expenditure and more glorification. I think you all must be experiencing it. Baba was able to use Dadi Gulzar for 48 - 49 years. One of the reasons was because she thought very little. A lot of energy goes into thinking. Not necessarily useless, but in detail, or why, how, what. We all go through different stages. I know there was a time I always had the thoughts, this should be like this, that should be like that. Now I say, I should be what I am, and I should do what I have to do. We leave it on karankaravanhar Baba so that I am contributing good vibrations, good feelings. Baba’s saying, even these thoughts are not necessary, but then we say, how do we know what is right? We want to make everything perfect. As I mentioned, some deep spiritual awareness is where success is.

Dadi Nirmal-Shanta always used to tell us when we were young brahmins, once you know someone’s sanskar, you know, so it doesn’t bother you. When you don’t know, then it does. I like that point very much. Every soul has to make efforts to change sanskars. There are sanskars which are prominent in their personality. Have good wishes for that soul. That’s selfless love for every soul, because we’re on a journey together. Avyakt Bapdada is waiting for us in the subtle region so that we can get ready and He can take us home. I always have this family. We have a lokik family, but how much are we connected? It’s our godly family, our spiritual family that creates, and changes bondage into relationships. We will be together until the end, right? We will be together in the golden age, silver age and copper age. We will always have relatives, somewhere we will be connected, in kingdom or in family. Why not just have a very lovely relationships? It’s easier to be in a lovely relationship than in a conflict relationship. Be full, be royal, Baba’s love is to make us that. Selfless love has power. When it’s selfless, you’re not affected. Receive everything from Baba, all attainments. Once Baba said as you move towards the stage of perfection, that much souls will have love for you. It’s not seeking love or expecting love. Be on your journey. When you are sitting, you are in a good stage, souls get pulled, because from that stage, they’re getting something. Internally, this will help. We have to help each other. Always remember, we all are on journey, pilgrimage together. Our Baba will take us with Him.

Reflect a lot tomorrow, the whole day. What I find is that when we have these homeworks or practices, as soon as intellect is free or going somewhere else, I say, I haven’t done my practice enough and engage my intellect. With that, there was such sweet remembrance of Baba, because intellect is churning. Why is it churning? So that I can remember Baba more. It’s not enough just to practice. That practice, dharna or stage helps to have very lovely, natural, and sweet remembrance of Baba. I felt very happy inside and thought I will share with everyone. How many points did we get today? Brahmacharis and Avyakt Bapdada’s versions and practice for tomorrow, it takes a whole day just to think of that. It should be a true, silent, lovefull remembrance of Baba. For me today, I especially found that yes, there is this love for Baba, love-full remembrance of Baba, not only churning, not only practice. We do that, it’s like we’re putting the fuel or oil, From that fuel, what happens? There’s this very love-full remembrance of Baba. We have a lot of love for each other, and it’s selfless love. This keeps the soul very secure and very happy. Let us share Baba’s love, selfless love, with everyone.

Om Shanti.

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