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Karankaravarhar - Method , Law & Blessings #29

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Karankaravarhar - 29 Mohini_Didi July 29th, 2022

Om Shanti

Happiness is important, but more important is not to take sorrow. Not only that, but sometimes because of certain reasons we get a little sad, or we say I am not too happy today. Sometimes the reason can be external, and sometimes it could be internal. By remaining happy we create the sankars of happiness. There could be many reasons for the sadness that comes: one is one’s own sankars. Some souls have sankars of getting disappointed very quickly, so you lose happiness. If you get discouraged you won’t be happy. We have to look into what are the reasons that I am not very happy. You have to be free from internal and external pain. Even though there are pains in the body, how do we overcome them? Through keeping our mind very charged with Baba, with a lot of trust, then one can be very happy. Every day we get power the whole day if we use everything in a worthwhile way. Baba says mind, body, wealth, time, and energy, everything. That means we don’t even think about what is necessary. Worthwhile means it is useful. I think most of us feel now, we only think when necessary, when it's useful, or worthwhile. Same with use of body and time. I like when Baba says that honesty means you don’t waste anything. And I think if one starts with the mind and intellect, it becomes natural for body, mind, wealth, relationships, everything. There are a lot of details. It is quite a large subject.

Respect has such power. Brahmachari is also giving respect. First you have to think with respect for everyone. Everyone is special, everyone is valuable, everyone is important. Everyone is needed by Baba’s yagya, everyone. Every soul is important in yagya. We cannot say these few or these are the great ones who are needed in the yagya, no, every soul. Keep a good record of respect to everyone, because that same respect comes back to you. Some feel we cannot make everyone feel equal. Everyone has different roles to play, but as souls, we are all equal. Every birth, or at many times during this life the role keeps changing.

We souls are ascending everyone’s purity. Everyone’s peace and love are increasing. This is the time whatever knowledge we have understood, changes it into methods. We call every point, “vidhi''. Then based on that we create certain policies, or principles that's what we call “vidhan”. Vidhan is not just law. You have to have respect and because of that respect you create certain policies. At the UN they say dignity is the worth of every person. These days human beings don’t have any value. The way they are born, the way they are treated, the way they leave the body, they are not given value. When Baba comes he says to all the children for our karmas it's important that you follow Baba’s principles. Don’t hurt anyone, don’t go and deceive anyone, don’t do any action that hurts anyone because it becomes your own karma. That is why we have some procedures we call the constitution. Guidelines for us, guidelines for taking care of service. If you follow guidelines, you can be very consistent and you will also be respected because you are living by the guidelines of yagya. I know that sometimes we forget or some new ones don’t know. Baba used to tell us, if I am going out of the house, we generally will say we will be back by approximately this time. Why is it important? Because the other person doesn’t create more wasteful thoughts: When is she coming? These are so many thoughts that could be of concern, or whatever. There are some souls who will just leave, they won’t communicate. Within the family, certain principles are important. This gives you the power of blessings, you become the image who grants blessings to others. I shared many times that once Dadis said everything will be ok, we knew everything would be ok. Once an educated businessman asked Dadi Janki something, Dadi just said: “It is going to be ok”. He asked “Does she have nothing more to say?” I said to him in these two words there is everything. He realized it was true, because those words were words of blessings, not just simple two words.

Reflect tomorrow when you wake up in the morning and during the day. Look at your honesty, your understanding, some methods, and you becoming an image that grants blessings to everyone. Everyone needs blessings these days to remove the obstacles for souls to progress. Blessings are important. Tomorrow we have enough to think about what Baba said and Brahma Baba, and then what we have to do it as our homework.

Om Shanti.


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