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Karankaravarhar - Merciful Bestowers #26

KaranKaravanhar_26 Mohini_Didi July 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, flying! Sometimes I think there is so much we get to do. What Avyakt Bapdada says, what Brahmachari is about, and then our own Karankaravanhar points. Let’s say I take whatever I heard in about 10 sentences, if I can remember 1 or 2, I just take that and start practicing that, instead of taking stress on the intellect. I don’t remember every point. Whatever you understand, just put yourself to start practicing that, whether it is body consciousness to soul consciousness, or detached and lovely. Don’t take it like, “Oh, I have to remember every point.” Then all the time, the intellect will be more into points, but when we listen, just whatever I understand, just practice that. That’s one thing I wanted to mention. Then there are some who ask me, how do we practice? How do we remove body consciousness? Sometimes Baba gives an example that body consciousness is like removing a costume, but actually, it is very subtle, and that is practiced many times a day, going to your eternal qualities. Eternal qualities are neutral, and they are very pure, then whatever feelings are there, or past is there, gets completely removed. Someone wrote back to me and said that now they understand what akarma is. Akarma means you are in your eternal stage. I think of soul consciousness with love, or peace, and then I wait to see what thought comes in the mind. Based on that, what should I say, because sometimes it is like internally you get the feelings and thoughts. So, keep practicing soul consciousness many times, for 3 minutes, 5 minutes. It is so nice because then you are even for 1 minute, ½ minute, eternally loveful.

So, love that emerges in soul consciousness has a lot of power. I really recommend that everyone do this, and then it starts becoming natural, because if I am thinking that way, then my drishti is like that, then the sanskar will also be created. There are sanskars of body consciousness, and there are sanskars of soul consciousness. So, we have to create more and more sanskars of soul consciousness, and from eternal it will become original. In the Golden Age, we won’t practice anything. We won’t listen to knowledge, we won’t do meditation, we won’t pay attention. Everything will be very natural and it will happen here also in soul consciousness. In soul consciousness, Baba says that there is a vision of brotherhood, with every soul. I am a soul, and that soul is my brother. Today, when Baba was saying “bachche”, I really felt so good. Baba said “Bachche, I will be with you.” Even to remember that, don’t make the effort difficult or complicated because you can’t do that for a long time. Make everything natural and smooth and enjoyable.

So, now how not to mix manmat and parmat. When there is manmat, there is determination or stubbornness. I remember many souls who used to go talk to Brahma Baba and want to get advice for business or buying a house or anything. To some, Baba would explain the karma philosophy, he won’t give directions. So, one time Baba said, “To some you give directions and some you don’t.” Baba said, “Because I know this soul will not act based on advice, and it will become a burden on that soul, taking advice from God and not doing it.” I find that from the very beginning, I pay a lot of attention to following Baba,Yagya maryadas, Yagya principles. I just want to go on the straight path, and that is what Baba is, and what the Yagya is about. As Baba said, “If you take a crooked path, and then you have to return.” So, I think it will mean for each one of us to understand deeply when manmat comes, and when parmat comes. That is why one can be close to everyone, but not to any one particular individual, because that’s an influence also. Have a lot of friendships, a lot of love, but don’t become companions. Only one Baba is my companion. There are so many souls, sometimes they just start taking advice from each other, get influenced by each other. It is all a karmic account because one day the result is not good. It does happen in spiritual life once in a while, you feel you need some support. Remembrance and companionship with God make it very simple. God’s children are always connected, because when you are connected, you feel current, just have love for Baba. Just sit with Baba and say, “Baba I love you”, that’s enough yoga. Simplify for yourself. Maybe whatever we did in the past was necessary, but it is not that we have to keep doing it the same way. I was thinking that even before I came to Baba, I always felt so close, God is divine. Like today, I was a little bit physically shaken then I said “It’s okay, if it’s my last moment, at least I am in remembrance.” So, there will be situations in life where you would like to practice and experience, and then after about 10 minutes, everything is fine.

So internally, I have to be in remembrance, I have to be in soul consciousness, I have to be with Baba. Again in our service now, Baba says to be merciful, a bestower. When you are bestowing, you could also have thoughts like, “I will get 10 times more, I will get this return.” No, just give, just bestow, because when you are bestowing, your treasure store is increasing in a very natural way. When you are loving, love doesn’t reduce, it increases. Any quality, any virtue that we bestow doesn’t reduce, but you are becoming that now. So, all the qualities start becoming very natural, part of the self. A merciful bestower is giving, whatever is needed by the soul. Someone said, how do I know? I think one comes to know if there is soul consciousness, love with the soul, you will know that the soul needs more support, needs more love.

So, for the month of August, we will do this. There will be Avyakti Murli revision. Avyakti signals will also be our practice, our homework. Yes, the intellect needs to rest, the intellect needs to be very calm also. This is very important so that you can connect with Baba. If it is too much, either churning or planning, we need to churn, but after churning, just be in silence, and our silence does not suppress your mind and intellect, but it is connected with our purity. When you are in any good stage, like you have a lot of patience internally, you will find silence. So, you all must be experiencing very natural silence also throughout the day. Do as much as you can do, just be very natural, not lazy and careless, but natural and easy.

Om Shanti


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