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Karankaravarhar - Lucky Star #18

Karankaravanhar_18 Mohini Didi. July 18, 2022

Om Shanti!

Do we like these kinds of destruction? We could have reflection. We can be in silence, we can spread vibrations of peace and love. Whenever there is any obstacle, never feel bad about it. Never ask why it happened. It happens, we are still very fortunate to have zoom and internet, especially these 2-3 years. We have been taking a lot of benefits.

I was talking about how truth touches the heart, it's very sweet. There are some people who say the truth is very bitter, but our recent Baba’s Murli was so beautiful. Truth makes you very civilized. You don't have to repeat it. Truth is truth. It’s eternal, but when it's a lie at least you need to have 12 times or even more to prove it. If someone lies to you, should we get upset about it? Someone said I get so angry when someone lies to me. Baba has said that's not the civilized way to reply, because you got angry. What should be done? I have to maintain my image of truth, my habit of truth, my way of truth and that is why one of the most important praises for God is “God is Truth”. Generally the truth is seen more in a factual way but there is a higher truth and that is about eternity - knowing my own true self. That's why I like three words: ‘Sat-Chit-Anand Swaroop’, ‘True-Conscient and Blissful’. To remain in the experience of bliss, one has to have that truth. We see with our eyes, the truth of everyone's existence. This one's name is this, but it's not true because what we are describing is only a costume which you are using to play your part. What I am seeing through the eyes is not true. What I am not seeing, which I should see is your eternal self, that you are a soul in the body, using your body to play your part. It's only a vehicle, it's only a costume. The truth is something which is not visible. Everything we see in the world is temporary, mortal, nothing is imperishable. What is immortal? What is imperishable? There is something called awareness-smriti. When we get to know you, we find the quality - the virtue of that person. Anyone who has helped in our lives in any way, you don't forget. That is truth, not only we are touched, but we remember that. There are so many beautiful small stories where one is touched by the help, the kindness, compassion and love which is shared. That is truth and it touches you.

As you all know, this year is our Amrit Mahotsav - 75th celebration of India's independence and our Prime Minister Modi has declared it to celebrate in many beautiful ways. We thought that we should also do something. We came up with the theme of “Spiritual Empowerment for Kindness and Compassion”. We are telling everyone to plant at least one tree. We eat fruits and vegetables, we go under the shade of the tree and the tapasvis always are under a tree. I was in Peace Village and I started the campaign. It's not easy to get trees, they are very expensive. I didn't know that. We got an apple tree and I planted it and encourage everyone to do the same. It was $600.00 for one tree, but when it really grows, it will constantly give you so much fruit. Some said $600.00 trees is a lot, so one sister who has a passion for this, said what about berries? The berry bushes are cheap, about $40.00. There’s a whole thing of always thinking of profit. What do I get out of this? You don't realize, it's not the immediate fruit you're looking for. Once I was in Trinidad and in the backyard there were so many pumpkins, squash and karela. It was only because they used to throw the seeds in the dustbin and somehow or other it spread. Seed is seed, whether you plant it or it comes from somewhere, it must grow.

When I think of nature, there’s so much giving in nature and sometimes I wonder why human beings are so selfish in accumulating. Look at the air and water. These days we have to pay water bills, but there was a time when you had your own well. We always used to have a well in the backyard, so that when you don't get a water supply then at least you have your own water pump. You know that water is the big necessity of life and the latest UN report shows not only a shortage of water but also filtered water.

Our awareness for tomorrow's homework is thinking of yourself as a star who brings benefit to everyone with truth and kindness. When I came to New York they told me you shouldn't smile. They say when you smile, you attract and you can attract the wrong people. I said okay, I won't, but then you have to be naturally happy. You don't smile, but I think we love smiling faces. Do you like a person who always sulks and makes faces? Inner happiness, inner joy that's our nurturing quality within the self and also for others. So tomorrow our awareness and attention will be on this aspect.

Om Shanti!

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