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Karankaravarhar - Incorporeal Stage #4

Karankaravanhar _4. Mohini Didi. July 4, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba wants us to be carefree emperors. Everyone can think for one's own self: am I a carefree emperor? I was looking at the percentage of being carefree emperors. Not even in a subtle way should there be concern. Whatever is past is past, it’s drama, but also this practice of I am soul, I'm using the body, I'm using every organ to do action. This requires a lot of practice. While eating, while speaking, looking at others to have this consistent awareness that “soul is Karavanhar”. I think we can do much more than what we're doing. If we realise that, as much I will have this awareness, internally that much my stage will also be of happiness and carefree, not only that but the experience of Baba being Karankaravanhar.

Sometimes we plan a big, new or different program. When we were young brahmins we took on a lot of challenges, more than now because deep within we knew that Baba will make it happen, Baba will get it done. Sometimes we are amazed at how everything is done. Today I was thinking wherever we are sitting, everything is so good, with whose help? Who is making it happen? Baba's places, Baba's family, the way He teaches us, our lifestyle. Once Baba asked some of us to have an exhibition in the early 60’s. Baba said in summer you can't do much service in cities so you all should go, in India they call it hilltops-hill stations, people in summer go and spend time there. We said, “okay Baba”. Two or three of us went. It definitely required a lot of courage and trust. We decided to do it, but a lot of amazing things were happening from there. The governor of that state in summer also used to go and stay there and it's a small place, so he would know everything. We decided to meet and invite him. He came and liked it, then he invited us to his place and that governor did so much service. He got a place in Hyderabad and so many other places. I was thinking how Baba knows that this soul is going to be an instrument for God's task. It was not in our plan or even capacity. If we just say “Baba yes, I will do it” and as soon as I say, “yes” to Baba, He starts working on it. If I say I can't do it, we won't see any wonders of Baba or amazing things He's doing. That is why every time there is an opportunity or I am asked to do something I should say yes, because you don't know how so many things could happen from there. I have so many experiences from when we say yes to Baba and then from there Karankaravanhar does what He does. That requires intoxication. When we think of our spiritual childhood, there was so much intoxication. We never saw it’s night or day or what has to be done, it's intoxication, just do it. I think that's what Baba is talking about “the treasure of elevated actions”.

One is carefree, the other is emperor. I had been reflecting and still trying to understand the whole Murli, but an emperor needs to have four authorities. Do I have all four and what's the percentage? It's really a lot of homework for us, first to understand, then the more we understand we try to create that stage and then see. Look at the authorities and all authorities are to be used on the self. We don't have to use authority on others because if there is authority then first it is on the self in the sense of one's own kingdom, that is body, relationships or whatever is around us. I think we just have to pay attention to the incorporeal stage. If any kind of situation comes, keep your practice. There could be critical, delicate, or challenging situations, just practice and be with Baba, don’t have the thought of why this happens. Drama, many scenes will come. Look at the drama and see what Baba wants, Karankaravanhar. I'm telling you there will be beautiful experiences and our hearts will become full of gratitude, lots of love for Baba, not only that but my relationship with Baba, love for Baba and remembrance of Baba will definitely become more and more natural and consistent. We know how we get caught up in whatever we're doing, we have to do everything. Brahma Baba also sat with us, chatted with us, and picnicked with us. He did all the actions until the end but he was becoming more introverted and we could feel that he is physically here but spiritually very connected with Baba, we could see it.

I definitely want to enjoy being a carefree emperor-100% carefree, not even a little bit of concern. We all are working on it and I'm sure we will reach there and also reflect more on your four authorities.

Om Shanti!


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