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Karankaravarhar - I am a child - Baba is the master #5

Karankaravanhar_5 Mohini_Didi July 5, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Knowledge is truth, and the power of truth can only be experienced when practiced. Last night, I took on this homework of being incorporeal, a soul and master of this body. There was a beautiful experience, the feeling of the relationship of soul and body. The soul loves the body, and the soul can be an observer of the body. I started feeling a very beautiful, loving relationship between soul and body. One is to have body consciousness, the other is how the soul is taking care of the body. Also, knowing the subtle influences of the soul on the body. There is the influence of attitudes on the body. There is the influence of thoughts in the body, So, I was touching my arm and I said, “The soul is touching the arm.” It was such a beautiful feeling, even from the body. There was lightness, and then I had realized how important it is for us to be incorporeal, to be in soul consciousness. Many of you might have remembered, when we become Baba’s children, when we are new, there is so much intoxication of making efforts, and being soul conscious. So, I thought that maybe a certain percentage is left in us that we didn’t practice. So, yesterday I felt that these lessons are so important to help us to complete our practices. Whatever percentage we didn’t accomplish, now is the time to accomplish. So, it was a beautiful experience, and I had realization and also attainments. The effect of the soul on the body, and whatever the state of the body, it affects the mind, the soul. The relationship of soul and body is very loving and detached. Then to use your body in an appropriate way, not too lazy, not too much. So, the soul starts talking to the body.

The second practice of Baba is KaranKaravanhar. Baba is the One, and there are really many things that Baba takes care of. Whatever is visible, like us doing service through words, or in whatever way, but there is such an unlimited task. Many times, Baba gives signals that the task has to be accomplished when you act in three ways through mind, words, and actions at the same time. However, that's not the stage all the time. We do action, and it’s not necessarily that we are in Manmanabhav, that the mind is with Baba. The same is while speaking. Am I in remembrance of Baba? So, we do service through thoughts, words, and actions, but there is a lot more to be done at the same time, and I think Baba is doing it. Certain times when you feel like you go to do some tasks, to meet someone, and having conversation, there might be certain things that are missing, they were supposed to be spoken for that task to be accomplished. That’s where you will find Baba is Karanakaravanhar, He does it, because it is His task. So, we start seeing this presence of Baba wherever we are. We can see how in an unlimited way, Baba is getting His work done.

Then there is the homework of ‘I am a child, Baba is the Master’. A child shouldn’t be thinking about what will happen, how it will happen. Just follow Baba’s directions, Baba is the Master, He is responsible. Many times, when we come to Baba, He will suddenly give us directions to do something or go somewhere. In the beginning, and even now, we get a lot of invitations where Baba used to say who needs to go. So, one time I just mentioned to Baba, “This place, center is so new, and you are asking me to go, after only nine months or one year?” Baba said, “Who is the Master?'' and I said, “You.” Then Baba said, “What’s your problem, what’s your worry?” We think of consequences, results, that might happen, this might happen. Baba said, “No. All these centers are Baba’s shops. So, Baba changes one manager and sends that manager to some other place.” Let’s say if the business doesn’t go on the same, that manager is not responsible. It is Baba. So, we see loss and profit, we see gain in a different way, but the way Baba sees everything is completely different. I have so many experiences of just thinking Baba is the Master. A few times a day, today, I used this to keep my mind calm, and my intellect with Baba. Whatever I could do, I do in an unlimited way, then I tell Baba, “You are Karankaravanhar, You do it.” It’s not that I am not doing it. Whatever capacity, whatever way I can speak or think, I do it, but if it’s much bigger, beyond what I can do, then I give it to Baba. “Baba you are Karankaravanhar, You do it.” The mind becomes really peaceful, the intellect becomes stable, no other wasteful thoughts.

So, I realized how important this is for us to implement. Whatever I have to do, I do it practically. A lot of realizations come, understanding comes, and there are attainments, so you want to do it more and more. Then our trust on that grows. Yes, Baba is Karankaravanhar. Otherwise, we believe it, it’s in our intellect, but that relationship is not really in our practical life. So, I think that each one of us should see, do our best. He is responsible. He is not visible, but His powers can be seen when things are done. Baba must have done it. Baba must have touched the intellect. Even today, in the Murli, Baba said, “I am not going to open the lock of anyone. You all have to make effort. Baba has opened your lock; so you open the locks of others.” Also, when you remember Baba, not asking Baba, that soul will feel the power, the vibrations, and suddenly the change could happen. It is happening with many families now. Suddenly they get awakened or their locks open, and they start loving Baba, they start understanding knowledge, and of course it's great happiness that the whole family is in gyan. It becomes so much easier than when only one person is in gyan.

So, use not only Baba’s titles, but relationships. The task gets accomplished when there are good relationships. So, have such a loveful relationship with Baba, and then say, “Baba now it’s up to you, you are the Master, you are Karankaravanhar, I am just your child. I will follow all the directions, and You have to continue.” So, it has been very good that every night that we take something, the whole night there is experience and also in the morning, then during the day, in different ways. So, for me it’s working very well, and I am very happy about it.

Om Shanti

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