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Karankaravarhar - Happy stage #28

Karankaravanhar_28 Mohini_Didi July 28, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! Happiness seems to be such a simple thing, but it also requires a lot of effort to maintain happiness. Brahma Baba had spiritual intoxication. I am God's child, Baba is our Guide, Baba is our Teacher. He was constantly singing the praise of Baba and his fortune. So, he was happy because of his spiritual intoxication. We all also have to practice. Before we used to say ‘sometimes’, and now we say ‘most of the time’. Most of the time we are happy. Once in a while maybe not, but now our stage has to be all the time. Someone was asking why happiness is so important? Baba always says that enthusiasm and happiness are the breath of Brahmin life. When you are happy, you are light, and you have so much energy. When you are not happy, you don't want to do anything, you feel very down. So, Brahmachari is when I have to be beyond everything because this, after all, is Drama. Everyone has their part to play. When I think of a director giving signals to actors, every actor has to play its own part, but the director gives signals. If an actor needs help to remember the part, the actor will look at the director, otherwise the actor is just intoxicated playing the part. So, just internally practice more and more, that is the soul’s part, don't look at the sanskar. It's so interesting when we keep interacting with souls with a lot of love and respect but also, that's the part of the soul. So, we remain beyond and an observer.

Some of the stories of Dadis are about kidnapping, about not being allowed to come, so many stories, but it was their part. When we were all in after partition, Baba decided to stay in Pakistan which was Muslim land. They have completely different rules, regulations, constitution, their food, everything. Partition was in 47 but after three years or so, in 1950 or 49, their families and relatives started calling them and saying, “What are you doing there? You won't be able to do any service. Why don't you come here?” Where to go with three hundred Baba's children? So, Didi Manmohini’s relatives in Bombay were taking initiative. Baba sent Didi to look for places in Mount Abu because in Bombay, to find a place for 300 was very difficult. Mount Abu still had space, and that's where they found a place as you all know. So, it was Didi who became an instrument. Many gurus in Haridwar and all over start saying that generally there is a saying, “For two women, no house is big enough.” Here you have 300 of them. So, they used to get surprised and invite Didi and others to come and teach their followers how to live with love. I'm sharing because today is Didi’s day, but also because of the way she said everything, she was very soft and gentle. She said everything in a very loving way but very firm, because internally, to bring benefit to each soul is only when you say something in a sweet way, a nice way. Then it brings the benefit that souls understand everything clearly.

So, I like when Baba is saying that if you have something then use it, so that it can multiply. Let's say you are a good speaker or you have a lot of points in the intellect, you should share with as many as possible. Share all the treasures, whether it's of virtues, or the power of knowledge. Baba and Didi were like, “You have to do this all the time, you have to continue to do it.” Not just as karma, but from bhavna, karma yoga, and that will bring a lot of happiness, because the blessings of others are like love. The vibrations of love from everyone is very important. So, that will keep us happy. It is too hard to make everyone happy. As much as I have good dharna, I do whatever Baba says, according to Baba’s shrimat, according to all maryadas. As much as we do that, there will be a lot of internal power, and that keeps us happy also. So, love, blessings from others, and also investment. My treasures should increase. It's only by giving that they increase. Even knowledge you can study. Like a lawyer can keep studying, but when he practices then he learns more, more clarity, more understanding, the use of law in his practice. It is the same with us when we share with others. We are all doing our homework, but also I know when I have to say something, suddenly a very deep insight will come. I said, “Wow, that's something different, something new I had never understood.” So, as Baba is saying, keep using all our virtues, powers, our treasures. So, we will work tomorrow on our spiritual intoxication, investing what we have, and keep ourselves very joyful, happy, in super sensuous joy.

Om Shanti

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