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Karankaravarhar - Gift from God #9

Karankaravanhar_9 Mohini_Didi July 9, 2022

Om Shanti to Everyone!

Since childhood I always thought that this life is a gift from God. I always felt so special. It was a tradition that each one in the family found out which metal is lucky for you, mine was platinum. They made a ring for me, platinum and diamond in between. I had it for a long time. When I came to Baba, I said Baba is my everything so no more platinum and gold. What I am saying is each one of you had feelings in childhood that whatever is in my fortune is a gift from God: to have a good parent, good education, whatever was taught to us about morality and manners, how to get up, what to speak, what to say and always to have a lot of respect for older people. When we came to Brahma Baba, it was like a royal family. He used to love children who had common sense, manners and interactions in a sweet way, never speaking forcefully. Brahma Baba never did that.

Introversion and then solitude are two very beautiful qualities because realization always comes when you are really introverted. If you are extroverted you don’t know if you’re doing anything wrong, but as soon as you become introverted it’s like you have a mirror so you can see everything. It’s not physical, but internal, on the self. We all have the best quality to learn. Whether you’re listening to something, reading or saying something, what are you learning from there? What did I take from that? Baba has been saying to give happiness and take happiness but don’t take sorrow. Most of you don’t give sorrow, but you take sorrow. Someone said something, but change that sorrow into some kind of gift and take it as a lesson that you have to learn. I know it takes a while, especially not to take sorrow, but Baba wants us to do it. We can do it tomorrow if you pay a little bit attention to Brahmacharya, which means to be introverted and isolated and have solitude. Solitude in the sense that if 10 of you are sitting together you can’t be in solitude. It's only when you are alone in nature or in the room you can say I’m in solitude. Those who have a habit of seeing the center of the forehead where the soul is, constantly see it. In Hindi, they call it bhrukuti. Bhrukuti means a beautiful cave or hut of clay. Kuti means the hermitage where they go in silence, in solitude. I keep introverted in my state or my cave. I had been with Baba for so many years but what I had been experiencing about soul consciousness now, you will be surprised. These few days as soon as I wake up in the morning thinking just, I am a soul I feel like Baba is so near with me. Then I realized that soul consciousness is very important for connection with God. Before that could be intellectual love but just to feel the soul and the Supreme Soul is very beautiful. This evening program has been helping me with whatever percentage was missing in any kind of practice for so many years, I’m able to add to that percentage. If it’s not 80%, it should be 90%, 100%. When we come to Baba as young children we practice a lot more. Later, our intellect is busy in service. We become householders also. We have to take care of this and that. Then a time comes when there is a retirement, vanaprastha. We have to reach our final stage.

My lokik education was because of Brahma Baba and lokik grandfather. When I think of that past, why would have I gone? When I went for my journalism, it was not very popular for girls to be reporters. Then I decided to take political science to know a little about constitution, PR and communication. It was a course which covered a lot of general abilities. It was Baba’s gift to me or inspiration. I was taking care of the center and still going to Universiy to finish off some of the courses. When we became an NGO and I had to represent the UN, everything made sense. I knew most of what they were talking about. Then I connected with why Baba wanted me to study, because one day we will have to be affiliated with the UN. When we became NGOs, we took the chief to Madhuban. Afterwards, whenever there was difficulty in another NGO, she would call and ask me to explain to them, because she noticed that when we decide something we use a lot of patience and a lot of love. She saw the way I decided and took care of many situations, whose gift is this? From Baba, no! Each one of us, look at your achievements. Whatever we are today, our abilities and qualifications are God’s gift. Achievements are of Baba, attainments are based on my efforts. Thinking of that increases our love for our Creator. Each one of us has been created piece by piece by God. Each one unique, each one lovely, each one very good and that’s where we should look at each other and say, “Oh, you are so special”, because everyone of us is special, but don’t compare. Dadi Janki, said no comparison. Everyone of us has a lot of specialties, look at them as a gift of God. Use them, be happy about it. I don’t allow my mind to think about what I cannot do. There are some things I cannot do these days, but I always look at what I can do. There are a lot of things I can do, so why do I think of what I can’t do? We need to develop that kind of attitude where we feel always full, abundance. The whole spirit of generosity, of abundance keeps increasing. When you have a generous heart there is always abundance. By having gratitude that God has given me so many qualities, don't think of position, what others think of you but what Baba has given me. Don’t isolate yourself nor compare with anyone, you are your own piece. It's the creation of God and each one of us has a lot to appreciate. Tomorrow is the day of celebration to look at your gifts from God.

Om Shanti

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