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Karankaravarhar - Flying yogi #16

Karankaravanhar_16 Mohini_Didi July 16, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay, very good! It’s Baba’s blessings that keep us well all the time. Baba is talking about the personality of purity. In one of the Murlis, Baba gave the definition that when there is the personality of purity, you will not be able to touch anything negative, and nothing negative will touch you. Whatever is happening around you, your mind will not go there. We all experience that there was a time with every little thing, we would be concerned, and now it’s Drama, everyone’s part. It’s like we are getting very detached from what is not hundred percent pure. Baba says that with the royalty of purity, the attention does not go to ordinary things, it goes beyond. So, the same with the personality of purity. Baba explains that it is visible from your face and through your activity. A lot of people ask us, “What do you want? Can I bring something?” It’s God's Yagya. What does God want? Does He want anything? Whenever we do elevated actions, or in whatever way we sustain the Yagya, we create our fortune, but it’s not what Baba wants. No, He is the Bestower. So, when there is royalty, you are free from desires. Either all desires are fulfilled, or whatever was not necessary, all those desires have disappeared, we don’t want it.

So, just keep this in mind, but also the difference between soul consciousness, bodiless, and the third is incorporeal. I look at you as a soul, I am the soul using this body, I am looking at you the soul, listening to the soul, soul consciousness while in actions, while doing everything. Bodiless stage is when you sit and you get completely detached from the body; I am a soul, this is my body. It’s not that you don’t have a body, you are in the body, but you are very detached from the body. Especially in the morning hours when you are doing Amrita Vela, you can be completely detached from the body. We had a sister from India, she was visiting, and she would never say I or her name, she always would say that the soul is saying this. First, we were a little bit confused, not understanding which soul she was talking about, but then we realized that for herself she was saying soul and for us also. I said that in communication, we sometimes need names and everything. She said that once you start practicing and people start relating, you can do that. Incorporeal Shiv Baba was in Brahma Baba, right? Brahma Baba had to practice and made it practical, incorporeal Baba in the center of the forehead with me as an incorporeal soul. So, I am an incorporeal soul and Baba is incorporeal. There are two of them together. The soul does not have a corporeal form, but the soul is in the corporeal form. Actually, this is our first lesson, and when we come to Baba, we practice a lot of soul consciousness, but with the time, whatever percentage we have practiced, that is our stage now. We cannot say that we are one hundred percent.

So, we need to practice being incorporeal, and when you are incorporeal, that purity is completely viceless. That makes you egoless, free from ego. Ego is something that is very subtle. All the vices you can know, but whenever you feel you are not respected, “Why didn't they ask you?” You felt humiliated, and all of that is coming from ego. Otherwise, when you are praised you feel very good and when others are praised and your name is not mentioned, your heart palpitation increases, right? What about me? So, very subtly, what we call ego is there. The best way is to be in your highest self-respect. Always remember that my register, my record, my karmic account, everything is with Baba. Baba loves me, and I remember. That self-respect I think is very important. Brahma Baba used to test the children. Dadi Prakashmani tells a story that Baba knew that she would be the number one, and she would have to lead the Yagya. He would give toli to everyone and intentionally miss her as if she was not there. Dadi would smile because she knew he was testing her. Every time he would say certain things, good things about everyone, but not about her, to see if she was feeling humiliated or left out or not being loved. So, Baba loves us. I always say that Baba is looking at me, Baba has my chart. Baba has my account for everything. Self-respect and Baba; if we have both, then we definitely go above all this.

Tomorrow is a big day here it seems. Every day has been a big day. Practice tomorrow will be starting early morning; incorporeal, viceless, and egoless. By the end of the day, you will know how much you were egoless. Were you hurt about anything? Were you sad about anything? Did any wasteful thoughts come in the mind? Here we have seven days, every day is a wonderful day, wonderful things happened, wonderful family. Until now, we have tied Rakhi to 550 souls, and then tomorrow they made 700 tolis. Some way or the other, it matches the number, right? I remember once we went to Guatemala, when there was no center. Dadi Janki and I used to go to new countries. We were in immigration, we had difficulties because of language, and when we reached there, the public program was over. Dadi still gave toli and she announced in public that those who want to come tomorrow morning can come. Dadi had this thought that she would go in the kitchen and they had made a lot of bhog; salty, sweet, and breakfast. Dadi asked, “How many souls are you expecting?” They said, “We don’t know.” Then, 35 souls came in the morning, and it was exactly as much as was the bhog. So after that, I asked people immediately, “Do you make bhog for as many as you are expecting, or you are making bhog, so that more souls are invoked?” I found today also, we finished everything, but many families kept coming. Baba says that anyone who comes should get a little bhog. So, they said, “By midday no one is coming, should we finish it?” I said, “No, leave it until night. The next day you can finish everything because it’s Baba’s home, Baba’s bhog and everything.” What I am saying is that everything is really wonderful. We don’t think that it shouldn’t be like this, no, everything is wonderful. So, practice the incorporeal, viceless, and egoless stage for tomorrow morning, and the whole day.

Om Shanti

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