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Karankaravarhar - carefree and cheerful #19

Karankaravanhar_19 Mohini_Didi July 19, 2022

Om shanti!

Is everyone okay in Avyakti Parivar? Whenever we go in front of Baba, we should always go with a cheerful face. Relationship with God is formed, and it depends on us. I remember that even on the path of bhakti, I always went in front of God being full of contentment . I thought that He knows, like parents, they know the needs of the children. I don’t have to tell Him or ask Him, never. Even when I came to Gyan, Baba always knows. Dadi Janki used to say, “Baba’s child can never say that I don’t have.” If you are Baba’s honest and true child, you will never say that. She used to say, “If you are expecting five guests, and suddenly 10 come, what will you do?” Dadi used to say that she would bring 10 plates and make 10 shares. Everyone gets some. So, how to remain open, honest, generous with Baba? Baba says that from the Copper Age, you had this habit of mixing a little truth, a little artificial. Truth has power. One time Dadi Prakashmani stood in a big gathering and said, “In my whole life, I have not spoken a lie even once.” Some people used to come at election time. Dadi would say, “I will not give money, but we can make something, we can make good roads, we can create another cremation ground. I will do anything that involves humanity, but I am not going to give money.” He was the person who was supposed to become the chief minister, so people might have been afraid not to give. Actually, they were so happy. After he was elected, he came to touch Dadi’s feet. You are the only one in the entire nation who didn’t get scared of the pressure. It’s not only that you have to be brave, but you have to be wise. You have to be sensible, because wisdom and the truth go together.

Dadi Janki always tells us how something happened in their apartment building, and there was an inquiry. They were saying, ”Did you see this? Did you hear this?” Now there is a big question. Yes, I saw, I heard, but should I say ‘yes’, or ‘no’? If you say ‘yes’, then you have to be a witness, you have to get involved. So, I know we had a lot of discussions about this. We have one brother who is very sensible. He will say, “I don’t recall.” One time I asked him, “Why do you use this word?” He said, “Because, I don't necessarily remember everything.” So, there has to be a sensible way in this world today where at every step there is falsehood. You will be surprised that many people ask us, “How do you all survive? You don’t have fundraising, you don’t ask for money, you don’t announce all the time.” Baba has said, “You should inform whatever our projects are being done, but you don’t ask.” Once we asked Baba, “How will they know?” Just tell them that we are planning this, this is what Baba has approved, so this is what we are going to do, because we are God’s children. It’s God’s task, but everyone’s fortune has to be created by using their body, mind and wealth. So, we talk about it. Otherwise, for God it’s not difficult to touch the intellect of one or two billionaires, and they can do and take care of the whole Yagya. Baba says, ‘no’. It is drop by drop the pond has to be filled, because everyone has to create their fortune.

So, today is a good day for us to internally have trust and speak truth. As much as I am honest and truthful. I like Dadi Janki’s three words that she left with me. She used to say, ‘sacchai, safai and sadgi’ (truth, cleanliness and simplicity). Whatever we are doing, should be royal but very simple. So, if we follow Baba’s teachings, then Baba’s protection has to be there. Don’t have any wasteful thoughts, and don’t allow your mind to be weak, because Baba is Almighty Baba. So, internally this keeps us very light, very clean. I always say that if I owe even 10 dollars, as soon as I get it, first let me clear that up because it keeps coming back in the mind. So, we keep our accounts very clear. Even when it comes to the physical, karma yoga. So, everyone has to do their share. I can’t just sit and keep taking. I was mentioning that there are many things I can’t do now physically, but I always look for any opportunity. If not, I tell them to let me peel peas, let me do this, let me do whatever I can do, I love to do. If I am eating, if I am living, then I have to do my share of karma yoga for everything. So, Brahma Baba was the example. As you all know, he used to start everything. When we went to Madhuban in the beginning, we all did everything. There was a time we had to cook on a woodfire, so much smoke, but still we did it because at that time, to get a stove or gas was not easy. So, we all cooked on the wood fire. If we are eating, then we have to cook. So, it’s not just cooking but generally with participation, just do some elevated, good actions and when you have a pure thought, you also will get an opportunity. Just have pure thoughts, elevated thoughts, and have determination, you will definitely be able to do it.

So, our homework for tomorrow is just to be honest, be truthful. This will keep you very light, and of course we have to be carefree and also cheerful. I was mentioning that very rich people in India when they create a Yagya, generally they create for three days and then five days. There was a very big Guru, I remember, I was very young, and Baba sent me to go to his Yagya for 9 days or even further, you have Yagya for 12 days. No one showed signs of tiredness. So, you all have been very kind, big hearted, generous, I should not say hard working, but constantly working. I like very much, when I see at 10 o’ clock, brothers are mopping the kitchen floor properly to keep the kitchen clean. You get all the blessings because this is from where every Baba’s every child is fed, Brahma Bhojan is cooked. So, from my heart, not only thanks, but good wishes and blessings that constantly keep growing.

Om Shanti


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