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Karankaravarhar - Bapdada's Co-Operative Right Hands #10

Karankaravanhar_10 Mohini_Didi July 10, 2022

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Avyakti Parivar? Yes? One week passes very fast. We are still reflecting on last Sunday's Murli, but then another comes, right? So, we thought that we would make six parts from the Murli from Monday to Saturday, and we can revise the Murli this way. Of course we read the full Murli, but every day we take one point. We know that the destination is high. We are on a journey and we want to reach the destination once we have started. Is anyone thinking of returning from here? That will be long, right? Most of the difficulties or whatever challenges or renunciation we already have done. We just have the last part left. Baba says that Tapasya means “personality of purity and royalty of purity”. Like a royal person will not look at ordinary things. Their eyes will never go towards ordinary things, they always feel like they are full, and they don't have desires, they're not looking for anything. When there is lack of purity, the eyes wander, and there are so many complications. Baba wants us to have purity in our eyes, and purity through our attitude. He's saying that if you want to be happy constantly, then you all have to be tapaswis. When you are tapaswi, then you are beyond sorrow and temporary happiness. You are in a blissful stage.

I always think that, the easier we make everything in our understanding, the easier it is to do it. Are we ready for more? I was so touched by last Sunday’s Murli about “Art of Living and Authority” that I ended up sharing it with the guests who came. There are authorities in politics or religion, but the most important one is your elevated actions. Baba says, and we have to internally receive it in such a way, acceptance in the sense of yes Baba is saying and I, we want to do it right. Even if I say now, “Baba, there is not even a single thought of impurity.” There is no impurity. Do we have impurity? What is there is adulteration. We mix things. Let's say there is a thought and you want to convince everyone. One thing I noticed with the Dadis is that they were so firm in everything. Anytime you asked Dadi Prakashmani or Mamma, “What do you think, is this happening to you or to your body?” They say, “Whatever is in Drama will happen,” They're not saying it as a point of knowledge. They don't have wasteful thoughts, they don't have worry, they don't have concern. I keep reminding myself of their faith in Drama, and their faith in Baba. It was just faith. They passed with honor whatever happened, and I feel that they are still in front of us as an example.

Purity is a big power actually, and which we all have achieved. It is not simple or ordinary. We have really achieved a lot. We look at all five vices, they are almost gone, just little traces left, and they become the form of Maya. I always say that we have conquered Ravan but not Maya. So, someone said, “What is the difference?” Baba said that you all have a little pocket money and that pocket money is Maya, in the sense of, “Oh, I have to be strong. If I am not forceful, people won't listen to me.” That comes from anger or frustration. Sometimes it’s anger, sometimes frustration, or my own disappointment. “Oh, I have to keep a little bit of ego.” So, they mix self-respect and ego. When you have self-respect at 100 percent, you are human, and there is humility in a very natural way. Humility is power in itself, it’s an authority in itself, and you don't have to use any other authority.

So, Baba is Karankaravanhar, and tomorrow we will be the right hands. I had been thinking that we are the right hands of Baba. Right hand means to just follow the directions with obedience. Baba said it, have faith, go, you will get it done. Even if your wife says that it's not practical, not possible. Somewhere, When Baba is saying, there are some souls waiting somewhere to help. Let's say I have a thought that tomorrow for the Yagya this should be happening or this should be done. Generally, within a few hours, I get a call, “Oh, I feel I should do this for the Yagya.” There's always a response somewhere, so sometimes I think that those who have to do are ready to do it. What am I doing? Is Baba saying it, or I am getting it done? What do you all think? So, really think that if Baba is saying it, He already arranged it, you only have to be an instrument to get it done, then you claim your right as a right hand. Are you understanding? When Shantivan was created, Baba gave instructions to make 100 bathrooms. Dadi Prakashmani said, “Baba what will be the use? Why do we need it?” Baba said that there are thousands who have to come to claim their right. There are thousands who want to serve and use everything in a worthwhile way, you only have to be an instrument. That means there are still a lot of souls who need to get the message, who need to come and create their fortune. However, if we think. “Oh no, we don't need to expand now, we don't need to do anything now”, we are blocking their fortune in a way.

So, always remember that Baba has a plan, and Baba wants to get it done. I am only a right hand. I have to be just a right hand and that means Baba has said it, so let's do it. When you see the wonders, the way it gets done, then next time you say, “Yes Baba, you tell us what has to be done.” There are a lot of Baba's children who want to claim their right, and they want to come and create their fortune. Okay, so have the thought that ‘I am Baba's right hand’. There might be a lot of experiences from the past, and you will feel that yes, there will be many more beautiful experiences. So, be a right hand.

Om Shanti


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