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Karankaravarhar - Balance Between Service and Self Effort #7

Karankaravanhar_7 Mohini_Didi July 7, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar! We all want to be like Baba. So, we have to do what Baba is doing. Our intellect gets so engaged, but Baba wants us to be more in silence. So, I had a good experience with Baba in subtle regions, and I thought that I really got what I feel I need at this time for the self and for service. Yes, there are some who still haven’t done different kinds of service, but for many of us, we have done VIP service and anything we can think of. At this time, to be like Baba, I like when Baba said to just observe Drama in silence. There are different scenes of Drama, a variety of parts, but while observing, be beyond (nyara). So, we will do it. We should start doing this. Even if it is not all the time, but as much as we can. We know that everyone’s part, Drama, is accurate, it’s perfect, and it’s going to repeat. Everyone has their own karmic accounts, settling and creating, but our intellect gets quite involved. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes less happy, and very subtly, certain questions or concerns arise. So, we have to watch. Am I observing, or am I getting my intellect involved? Tomorrow, I have a very important meeting for a few hours, so I thought I would practice that. Baba said that this will increase the power to bestow according to what the soul needs. That means that through drishti, being a detached observer, and beyond (nyara), I am serving and fulfilling the needs of every soul.

So, that capacity, the power that is needed by us, will keep increasing. It’s a very good self-effort. I was looking at the title, ‘seva and then self-efforts.’ It should be, ‘self-efforts and then seva.’ Once we had a lot of discussion that when the Dadis used to share knowledge, so many heir souls were created. So, what was it that helped the heir souls to be created? It’s the self-effort, the quality of self-effort. Like Mama was a surrendered soul. So, when we looked at Mama, the first thought that came was that we could surrender. So, if we realize that whatever is in the self, that’s the type of service you will do, or create that quality of souls. It looks very real, and I’m sure that we all will experience that. Baba has given us lots of service, world service, but for me, I always feel that in every moment, some service is happening. One service is through words or, as Baba said, through drishti, but there are so many souls who, through our stage, are being touched, and receive something, wherever we are. If we realize that, it's not just service that I am doing, but there is a lot of service happening. I remember that when I was in India, not for a long time, but there were thousands of souls who were sharing what quality they appreciate, their experiences, and how they had been seeing me. I was amazed. During Dadi Gulzar’s Bhog, there were 25,000 Baba’s children. Then, in every region, every zone, 20, 30, 40 teachers would come and share. I couldn’t believe it, in the sense of, I haven’t even seen them, and they haven’t even met me.

So, virtue is like fragrance. It’s not visible, but it spreads. Don’t try to just see the results of service like how many I gave gyan, how many courses I did, or how much karma yoga I do. Whatever spiritual service, karma yoga, has a special virtue. Let’s say it is the aim of sweetness or royalty. Royalty is visible, with sweetness and love, respect for everyone. Then, when you are speaking or giving drishti, that other person’s self-respect can get elevated. A lot of service happens with our giving respect. So, at this time, all of us need to pay attention to keep increasing the percentage, it has to be 100%. I remember Baba once said that if you get angry, the other person will not forget it for six months. Also, these days, the difference between mercy and kindness. Mercy is more like, “Oh, this soul doesn’t have this”, but kindness is very charitable. In kindness, there is a kind of sharing that is happening. So, we have to have mercy but kindness also. So, we all have to do service. Every moment, every thought, it's not just about doing, it’s also just happening. So, as much as you make effort, you are going higher, becoming more elevated, like Baba, and a lot of service is happening. Wherever you are sitting, even at one place, people feel that fragrance. They not only take it, but they know it's so good for sustenance of the Yagya, and for the souls also. Our capacities become unlimited. I love everyone, this is my family. All Baba’s spaces are my home. Every place is my home.

So, I have this feeling that everyone belongs, we are one family, these are all our homes. If you have those kinds of vibrations, then when expansion is there, there are always certain situations that arise. Have I been really looking at myself? Am I a carefree emperor? How many of you think you are a carefree emperor? I think we still have to work on ourselves. So, practice what Baba said today, and see how your concerns, very subtle concerns, can be removed. You become not only like Shiv Baba, but also Brahma Baba, a carefree emperor with all four arts of living.

Om Shanti

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