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Invoke Your Perfect Form #05

Liberation_in_Life_5 Mohini Didi December 5,2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone, okay? Yes, I am also okay. A little bit of a test for the body, but nothing major. It is just irritation of the throat and dry cough, but no problem. Good practice to use the body. I was remembering a few times when Dadi Gulzar was not well, and it was Baba’s time, the way Baba would say or she would say that today the body, the instrument, is not very well. So, it’s a good practice to just keep thinking the body is an instrument. I have to use it and play through it. Baba is asking us to invoke our perfect form. What is my perfect form? When I think of this, then immediately a full circle comes in front of me. That full circle could be a full moon or any circle. then you see within that circle, how much is left? Like let’s say, take the quality of purity then is it 1%,2%, how much is left? That means the cycle is not full. You can take peace, love, happiness, and knowledge. When Baba gives a point, one needs to first reflect on that point. So, after listening, we start reflecting on the point before practicing and my reflection was; what is perfection? What is the perfect form? Then you emerge it, invoke it. Then what’s the experience? Baba says that sometimes we have a very high stage and sometimes we have a low stage. So now become free from this cycle of going up and down. People want to become free from the cycle of birth and death, but you have to make an effort to become free from the cycle of remembrance and forgetting, smriti-vismrity. By always invoking your perfect form, you will automatically step away from anything wasteful. You will become free from coming and going. It is really beautiful when we can maintain it for a few days, a few weeks, as long as we can, and the stage doesn't go up and down. Situations will come, scenes of Drama will change, but our stage should remain consistent. We cannot say because of this, because of this, because there will always be a reason to lose your stage or to go up and down. Internally, have determination.

You know that we keep aims like physically I should keep well. I shouldn’t get sick. So similarly I shouldn’t fluctuate. Generally we won’t, but sometimes when there are circumstances. Now how do we increase our inner powers? In lokik ways also, there are some, their bodies, as soon as there is change of weather, change of food or any change happens they get sick, and there are some, they prepare, they manage. So as it happens with the body, we have to be careful that it shouldn't happen to the soul. Any little thing changes, it affects us, but how to remain strong? Okay, it’s alright. I think we definitely have to create a very powerful atmosphere around us, otherwise we could become careless and it is very easy to go up & down. You will feel very happy if you are very stable. It should be ascending all the time. Everyday, I should feel that I am better, I am improving, I am more stable, I am more successful, I am more cheerful, I am more light and polite. That means we are making an effort. There is a connection; invoking the image of the perfect self, and not going up and down, because we have to maintain that image. It shouldn’t affect our mood, and shouldn't affect our stage in any way. So let’s do that effort and see what our experience is?

Om Shanti

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