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Invaluable words #16

Sweetness_and_Love_16 Mohini_Didi           February 16, 2024

Om Shanti! 

Baba‘s most lovely and sweet children. Baba always says ‘sweet children’ and it touches our hearts. Even Baba knows that we all are numberwise, and not everyone is sweet all the time, but Baba will still say ‘sweet children’. I think in your hearts too, you will know that time will come when we will be hundred percent sweet. Baba never gives up the hope in us, and Baba knows that every soul will become perfect, but still numberwise. Baba knows that the words that He speaks are the words of wisdom, words of blessings, and Baba also knows that these words one day will make us perfect, will inspire us to make efforts. Our words should also be so valuable. It should touch the hearts. It should awaken the souls, it should inspire others to have enthusiasm to make efforts. So we have to pay attention, and I’m sure that each one of you in your heart has this determined thought that we will be always speaking something of blessings, of value, and keep doing it consistently. Even the stage of other souls changes, but your words should not change. Sometimes we tell people that you are like this, you are like that, we label them. We should not be judgmental, because whatever that soul is we want that soul to be better, right, in everything. So then the words should be so elevated that they make that soul think, “Oh I am this.” Even when Baba came, Baba said, “Oh you are a pure soul, you are very valuable.” Both of these qualities were there, but not very evident. Baba knew that as soon as we start thinking about what He says, that the qualities will start emerging in us. So we have to follow the Father. 

Sweet does not mean that I am constantly only praising and using elevated words, but it’s really something that should come from our heart for everyone. When Baba is saying valuable words, I know that many things we were told when we were children, we forgot, and then with the time, anything good that was spoken, we keep quoting. We said, “Oh, when I was young my grandparents said this,” I quote from the Dadis because my sustenance was from Dadis since my teenage years. I always remember what Didi Manmohini said, what Dadi Prakashmani said, and what Dadi Gulzar said, or even BapDada. So words have a lot of importance in anyone’s life. Always speak something good. Like if I see that a soul has a certain percentage less in a virtue, what should I say? You are like this? No, but you are always being so good, you always had been, so some energy power is given through the words. So the soul says, “I must do that, I should be like that.” It’s a big service. Service is not only to give knowledge but to speak the words of blessings. So, the homework that Baba is giving us is about invaluable words. Continue to sweeten your mouth with the toli of sweetness, and with your sweet words, sweet sanskars, sweet nature, continue to sweeten the mouth of others. BapDada wishes to see sweetness and speciality in every word of you children. He wishes to hear invaluable words. So, pay attention, see how you’re doing today, and I’m sure that you will be able to be successful. 

Om Shanti


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