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In Terms Of The Drama, All Of This Is A Game #1

Embodiment of solutions _1 Mohini_Didi September 1, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

It's an interesting topic to become the image of solutions. We hear a lot of news and also in our personal life, there are various situation, many challenges. Baba thinks that all that is drama and drama in other words is our karma. We don't know what we have done and so this situation comes in front of us as a scene of drama, but also it's real. Then if someone else comes and shares a situation you will give so many points, and suggestions, but when it comes to one's own self we have to apply the same points, the foundation of knowledge. One of the important points of knowledge is drama. It's not only that challenges come, but there are a lot of beautiful experiences, a lot of achievements in the drama. Even for what we have to do, it just happens. When it has to happen in the drama, it happens very naturally. We should see a situation as drama but most of the time there are some beautiful things in the drama which could be surprising for us, but they are very important because we also have done a lot of good karma. It's not only negative. Yes, we settle through the power of yoga and some happen as scenes of drama. What Baba wants us to become is an image of solutions. I think that every question has an answer, in the same way every situation has its solution. It's only different situations than we have dealt.

I like this topic because the outlook will change how we start seeing things and how we think about whatever is happening and if we affected by that. Now it is not just self, there are so many of us in this unlimited family. If each one of us uses our stage which should be stable, unshakable and share whatever at that time with the soul. We have to prepare our minds so whatever happens, we deal with and help others create a lot of experiences. What Baba is saying is that in the form of the drama all this is like a game. Baba says the more you become an embodiment of experience, the stronger your foundation will be. Then you will experience any type of obstacle or problem to be like a scene of drama. I don't know what percentage or how our stage is up to there, but Baba says when any scene comes in front of you in terms of drama all that is a game. We are in real life, but if you have this awareness you will remain constant and there won't be any fluctuation. Every day you will see and hear what has to be done. We can look at our stage, but even if 10-30 percent is there, this whole month we will get many points. We will take it as homework to create this awareness and see how different we feel. It's just not deciding in intellect that I won't be able to do it, it's very difficult, it's not practical. Only intellect is speaking, but use the awareness that Baba is telling us and as much you create awareness, you start seeing the strength and the power from there which will definitely give us experiences, which definitely helps the self. We can help others also. If someone is having surgery, I said but there won't be any pain and there is no pain. I'm explaining because I have experienced it. Our whole life is gaining experiences and definitely we help others and keep ourselves stable. Take this as homework and keep creating awareness as often as possible.

Om Shanti.

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