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Ignorant of the knowledge of desires #06

Embodiment_ of_ Success _6 Mohini_Didi October 6, 2023

Om Shanti!!

Enjoying Baba’s Avyakti signals. We are going deeper and deeper. What is success, how to be successful, but also how to use everything in a worthwhile way. It’s not just giving, sometimes we think giving is using in a worthwhile way, but giving at the right time, in the right way, to the right person.

Today’s homework is very interesting and that is to be free from the knowledge of desires. We have to look at our hearts. What are the desires in the heart: gross desires, subtle desires, spiritual desires, physical desires, facilities, comforts so many different kinds of desires. Someone was asking what is the difference between wish and desire? I think it should be almost the same. If I have good wishes for someone or some soul says send your good wishes are they different from desires? It’s not that I have good wishes for certain souls, but good wishes for everyone and desires will be for few souls. I want this soul to be this, I want this one to reach that stage, that’s desire. I want the well being of everyone, I want to have feelings of mercy for everyone like Baba. He wants every child to be worthy, every child to use everything in a worthwhile way. He will not just want it for a few souls. When it comes to wishes, it’s not when someone’s birthday celebration you will wish that soul and other souls celebrating you don’t. Good wishes are for everyone, everyone’s benefit, but desires are for limited, I want this soul or my relative to become Baba’s child or many other desires. At least internally check yourself and make yourself free. Whatever Baba wants, whatever is in the drama will happen. If I try to get something for someone, that karma gets involved, but if that soul makes effort and has elevated actions, fortune will be created. Baba doesn’t interfere in anyone’s karmic accounts so how can we do that? It’s a very interesting thought.

To be constantly successful and to be an embodiment of success, make your stage that of being ignorant of the knowledge of desires. Pure thought will be there but that’s not desire. Baba is saying that those who are not full will definitely have desires because it’s only when you become complete, you have the stage of being ignorant of knowledge of desires. Do I have to become full or am I full? We have to become complete, but as God’s children we have all the treasures. We are the masters. Being a master you could also be full, so we call that reclaiming your stage. That's what you are doing, you just claim it and the other one is becoming embodiment. It’s very interesting how we understand that I am full or I have to become full. I always feel that being God’s child each one of us is full. It’s only you who become aware of ‘I am peaceful’. Even though the sanskars emerge to get disturbed or upset, deeply within you are aware of your fullness. To become full and free from desires is our homework.

Om Shanti.


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