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If not Now then Never #6

Determined_Thought_6 Mohini_Didi February 6, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

The Avyakt Murli, the part of it that you hear every day, is the Murli from Sunday. So we try to revise it until Saturday, because if we listen to one point every day, there is more attention. Like today, Baba is saying the importance of time and also our homework is ‘now or never’. I remember that Dadi Janki was a very determined person, and alert also. So, whenever we would say, “Dadi, we will do it tomorrow.” She would always say, “Who has seen tomorrow?” I think that the slogan for homework requires maturity, and that maturity has to have a lot of patience. Anything that we abruptly think or do, we do it, and then we say, “Okay leave it, we will do it tomorrow.” Baba is reminding us that it won't work. So have patience and trust, but courage also is important. You have to keep courage. There are certain qualities that are required to gain that maturity to complete whatever I have to do. You cannot just let it happen and say, “I won't finish it.” The responsible person, a mature person, will complete the task without tension or anxiety. We have to do it with a lot of love, and in remembrance of Baba, maintaining the atmosphere of love and peace, makes things work better. We are definitely able to accomplish it. So it could be internal, spiritual. It could be external also. Internally, you would like to have good yoga, you want to stay longer in yoga, and you keep postponing it by saying I have a lot to do. It's true you have a lot to do, but then when will we do it?

So, then there is the relationship with Baba, companionship with Baba, remembrance of Baba. Somewhere we start including that while doing actions, so what starts happening is you will feel a lot of cooperation is coming also. So how to maintain that inner stage with Brahma Baba? Just imagine at the age of 60 and for 30 years, every morning Baba came for Murli, every morning. He was so determined, so many children were waiting for Murli. He maintained his punctuality, and that is not very common. He had to start Murli at seven. So if we become punctual, that's maturity. Completing things on time, that’s maturity. So we have to look into what keeps us natural, and not to postpone. If you leave something somewhere and then you say, oh leave it here, I will do it tomorrow, you might not find it. So how do I create the nature, the habits, the sanskars, but also as Baba said today, not only attention on the self, but the importance of time. Recently, Baba said in the M that time is very short, the world is going towards extreme situations. So someone said today, “Well I won't go to Madhuban now.” I said, “You don't know if you could even go.” Baba has told us to go now, so we should go, and if you have a determined thought, everything will work out. After a few hours, she called and said, “Things aren't working out now.” The mind is such that it creates some reasons, if you don't want to do it. If you want to do it, cooperation comes. The visa will come, your passport will come. Everything will come, cooperation is there. We should never forget about time. What can you do today? I'm not sure if we will be able to do it tomorrow. That is what Baba said, to fill the gap between thought and action. Once you have it in your thoughts, thought as power, you will be able to do it in action. I think all of us have this experience, internally like you don't want to do it. We always find reasons why you cannot do it, and if you want to, then everything is accurate, everything is possible, everything becomes practical.

We don't know what the circumstances might be, but today it's still working. Baba can help me let me do it. I also reminded myself yesterday, I have courage to get onto a flight and go to India, but we don't know until when. Situations and so much Civil War and natural calamities that Baba had said will be happening are happening now. Everyone is sitting ready. If there is necessity, there will definitely be more and more violence. So thinking that today, I will not do ‘maybe later’. Whatever you have to do, let's do it whether it's through capacity or any kind of inner powers or external. Things are not going to get better and better. There will be less and less of everything. Once we were talking to brother Brijmohan about how tickets are so expensive. He said, “Will they become cheaper?” What is the guarantee? So you try to save a few dollars. Every day, I get so much news. Today I learned about someone's health. They went to India and got in a big situation with the body and doctors are saying, just go back immediately. So, they called me and I said, “What is there to think about, just come back.” They have to buy a new ticket, one-way ticket doesn't matter. At this time, spending money is more important. But if you think about money and not a body, what is sensible? If you have a body, you can still enjoy or earn money. If your body is not good, how will you do all that? I think in a way as a mature person, you know if you have all this money. Even if you keep saying, keep saving, but one day you will have to spend.

So, maturity is thinking about my best action at this time under different circumstances. For me, every day, I see all these different games. We have to be trikaldarshi now to be mature. Okay, you keep saving, keep getting income, and then what? One day, and it doesn't take time, it could disappear. I was telling everyone that we all eat one meal. We don't eat a lot, so eat healthy. So be very sensible and as much as possible, quality food. Oh, vegetables are cheap, let's buy them now. Good things are reasonable, not cheaper. It is worth it to spend money there because you are giving to your body. The body is important for the soul. Whatever habits we had in the past, you can't do anything about it, but when we have awareness we can bring the change. A mature person will think in a proper way and set an example for others. Courage is required and when you do it, there will be a lot of cooperation. Also, there is this whole thing of serving nature. So if you like something and you are eating, you eat little more, nature will react to that, or anything whether it is money or listening or talking. So sensibly in a mature way, we should use everything right. Brahma Baba used to enjoy everything. He had an interest in birds, flowers, but he was also very disciplined. Whether it was the timing for food, the quality or food by or and of course he ate what he liked. It's not that he was eating whatever he didn't like. So you can do what you can, have a good life but with principles, with discipline, with maryadas, then it's a quality life. Baba had been saying to make things easier for others also. Settling from the past is on, but again we have to change the present to have a better future. We are leaving tomorrow morning for Madhuban, and stopping in Delhi because the president of India is visiting ORC. So they requested that I stay the extra day then we go to Shantivan, but every morning you will see me, you will also see me tomorrow, day after, every morning, until we reach Shantivan. So take good wishes from everyone for our journey.

Om Shanti

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