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I, The Soul, Am An Embodiment of Knowledge #21

Love_for_Solitude_21 Mohini_Didi January 21, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is knowledgeful, and knowledge is light, knowledge is power, knowledge is also virtue. Especially the knowledge of the Creator and the creation. We come to know Drama and within the Drama there are souls and nature which are the elements and also God. So we have knowledge about everything, about the time. In the lokik world there is knowledge of seasons, clocks of 24 hours, but we now know the clock of 5000 years. So we can go into the details, but just remind yourself that I have knowledge of eternity, knowledge of the cycle, knowledge about Drama, and my part. So all this knowledge of course it's like the light of the Sun, but I would also say that this knowledge brings understanding and our thoughts based on knowledge make us very sensible. Children, young in the body or old, anyone who has knowledge also has power or capacity. One of the biggest powers we have is the power to transform. Within one second, any thoughts come into my mind and I find it is not powerful, I can change them in one second. Generally, people find they are victims of their own thoughts, and they say, “I don't know, I'm getting all these thoughts.” We cannot complain because we have knowledge, we churn the knowledge and change the thoughts into right thoughts, good thoughts, elevated thoughts. It's a big power, actually, and it is through the knowledge that we have this power, this capacity, to change our thinking. We can also change our words and actions. So this power of knowledge is a great power.

Any thought of knowledge is an elevated thought. Baba is saying to us to reflect on that and just have an elevated thought and stay in that thought, like I am a pure soul, I am a knowledgeful soul, or I am a peaceful soul, just one thought. Just stabilize yourself in that thought, and from there what emerges is, what we call a concentrated stage. Baba is comparing concentration to the seed stage. In the seed, everything is merged. Sometimes it's surprising that a big tree emerges from one mango seed, and it keeps bearing mangoes, a lot of mangoes. See the benefit of being in the seed form, whatever will emerge from there will be fruitful. If you are not in the seed form, a lot can emerge, but it might not bear fruit. So I liked the avyakt signal very much, concentrate yourself in one elevated thought. I do this practice whenever I have to do something, or I have to decide something. I just go into this stage of concentration, this seed, and merge everything. Then let it emerge in a natural way. Baba is also telling us that the result is clarity. Clarity about everything the way it is. Clarity about your own self. Clarity about what you have to do. You are able to see everything as it is. I thought that it's a bigger accomplishment. Like an engineer, a doctor, or any professional, they have knowledge of their own. Like a judge has all the knowledge of the law, so when he is listening to the case he needs to have concentration of the mind. Their concentration could be just on one task, but if you are sitting and your mind is pulled by your family at home, it won't work as a power.

So I like this very much when Baba said concentrate on one elevated thought and that power will keep you away from all the disturbance, fluctuations, and changes. Then one is capable of the power from knowledge. I remember once Dadi Janki was traveling with me to Washington and at the airport, and I don't know why, but they kept changing the gate. We couldn't get a wheelchair because we were late. By the time we waited for the wheelchair, we would have missed the flight, so Dadi said, “Let's go.” I said, “Dadi, the gate is very far.” She said, “No, I will walk.” She was running in a way, because she was small with her feet, and I was walking fast a few years ago. We made it. So when we were sitting in the plane, Dadi said, “I didn't know that I could walk so fast.” It's only when we start walking, sometimes we don't know our capacity. When you think about it, you don't know what you can do. When you have to do it, you say, “Yes, I could do it.” This whole internal struggle, whether I could do it or not, I think this is the power of knowledge. If I am also going through a little bit of deciding on something, will I be able to do it, will I manage? Then I said, “Why not, it's practical, it's possible.” Then when we do it, we feel very good about it. So, thought has power, especially when there is concentration. It's very beautiful, this awareness of our solitude and concentration. I am the soul and knowledgeful, and also my Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. Let me just merge in Baba, who is the Ocean of Knowledge.

Om Shanti

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