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I'm A Double-Light Angel #1

Updated: Jan 2

Stay_In_Avyakt_Silence_1 Mohini Didi               Jan 1, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay, doing well? We have to keep well ourselves. As much through our stage we remain light. Baba has given us a big, big offering. He says give me your burdens, why are you carrying? Thing in the world there will be anyone so kind to just take your burdens. Here in this western culture even children have to carry their own carry on. Even they want to plus parents like it. So, we live in a culture where we carry burden. I am responsible for this, I have to do it, this is my responsibility all the time. We don't remember that it’s Baba, it’s the time everything takes care of everything. Sometimes I have a thought in the night and this morning, and I said, well, it will happen, it’s being carried out somewhere or other. So one of the important aspect is just become single light, lightness. Some people are able to laugh a lot, because they are light, light laughter. Some find it, so difficult even to smile. What it takes to smile? Because somewhere, deeply some kind of burden. One of the things which I find is very heavy is attitude, for anyone to think this one is like this, this one is like you just have formed the opinion and will treat people with that opinion, not good. Many many. I get so many cries of sorrow I hear from many Baba’s children because of the attitude. So I feel lightness, is removing some kind of impressions which you are carrying about different people. Why I have to be judgmental? Everyone, according to their part, had been given, you know different nature, different sanskar. They have to play their part. So lightness and have a very very pure attitude towards everyone is God's creation, everyone is different and will be different. I shouldn't judge, I shouldn't decide who's right, who's wrong. Baba has told us what is right, what is wrong. Why I'm giving these examples, because every day all Baba’s children who want to experience God's love, but they don't get it. Because of the impressions we hold. So naturally when a child doesn't feel love will cry, right? And that's called cries of sorrow. In Murli Baba said, sukh do meetha bano. Sometimes we are not meetha, we are forceful, we are strong. Who has given us this right? Now these are burdens. and really for this year, I want everyone, whether you are Baba’s child or instrument, everyone is instrument in some way should at least adopt to some pure. Yesterday, Baba said, royalty of purity, very loving with everyone, don’t deprive anyone of making them feel God doesn't love you, which is not true. I have seen Brahma Baba love everyone. One time, one very rich parents whose child was, little bit mentally less capable, so they brought the child, told Baba. Baba, please give him some duty. Give him. OK., so Baba bought a security dress for him, very nice one and gave him a stick, and he said, you will be my bodyguard, you will do my security, he was so happy. So he will hold his, so, but others used  to laugh at him because he was a little funny. So you have Baba as maybe this. One time, one very short woman came from a village, and wanted to stay in the yagya, I was there and the thing about 60 years ago, her name was Shanti. Now what she will do? So they gave her a little space, whole day she will clean spinach, hara dhaniya, that's what she keep cleaning for kitchen. Baba gave him the duty or others found it. So never, never reject anyone. Where will they go? But we select right, and try to elect also which was not Baba’s policy. So for this new year just be very sweet. Let everyone feel God's love from me, God loves you, loves you, loves you. God loves. Do you think there is anyone God doesn't love? Tell me one, I have seen Baba loving. You hear so many stories, Raju bhai came, 19 year old boy. There is one person next to me in Shantivan and his duty is to buy vegetables, fruits, milk, butter, 18 tracks. So at 12:00, he sends them to buy stuff. And he was 14-year-old boy, very good family, so Dadi said stay. Like this, there are so many young boys serving Shantivan you go, big departments, I call them, seth, seth ban gaye ho. But they are so lovely, so surrender. So Baba made everyone worthy of something. So who are we to say, this one can only do this one. And it causes a lot of sort of pain. So this is the year to heal them, to love everyone, whatever you are, Baba says, you are loved by God, and you are worthy of something, may not be to read Murli or may not be doing big lectures. And you can always do something. Like in London I see very, very old mothers  they have guar sabzi, takes a lot of time to clean, and cut. So I see them sitting on the floor doing that. Because they are old, where will they go now? So it's a very important to reform our attitude., let our attitude be filled with God's love. So there will never be any burden. We are creating burdens for ourselves. So our practice will be to be double light. So first, the lightness of a pure heart, pure mind, pure attitude, no judgment. Attitude, so Baba is saying, now keep the aim of making this intense effort, I am double light angel. So it’s not just by thinking, I am a being a light, but inner lightness is very important. While waking, while moving around increase the experience. Of angelic form free from you. I don't have any burden, Baba is making it happen. So Baba is saying practice being bodiless. So if I am bodiless I won't look at the bodies of others. Bodiless really means look at everyone as a light. Practice being bodiless and in deep silence be double light in finishing, any thoughts, Sankalp, swabhav nature and sanskar in a second. Be double light in finishing, because time to time old sanskars will create thoughts and you will find something it creates like over nature, you could see it's old sanskars. How can you speak like this? Sanskar, nature and the thought. Baba wants to change them so that you can remain light, so that you can be double light and you can experience angelic stage. Om Shanti!

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