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I have a right to a kingdom of unbroken peace #18

Love _for_Solitude_18 Mohini_Didi January 18, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy day of love and remembrances! I am sure you all had a good day. Since amritvela until night there were beautiful programs everywhere. Baba is saying that we are messengers of the Almighty Government. Baba always used to say, “on Godly service”, and then he started using the word “Godly Government. So on the top of the envelope they used to write “only on Godly service”. Just this word of “Godly service” means we are messengers, Government’s messengers”. One of the special qualities is peace that is consistent and stable. Baba said that there are two things, one is to make someone understand, the other is to prove that I am right or you are right. So you can have a discussion or conversation, but Baba says that negativity shouldn’t stay in the mind. You should be happy that understanding happens or sometimes even if it doesn’t happen, do mansa seva, have good wishes for the soul. Sometimes it does happen that whatever is in our mind, we start expecting that, sometimes it fulfils, sometimes not. Do not allow the peace to be disturbed. Baba said in the Murli that leakage shouldn’t be there. Baba said if there's a connection, and if there’s any leakage in the wire, then you won’t get light, you won’t get current. While listening and seeing, do not allow that to reach our thoughts. Many people tell me that this one said this about you. I said, “Okay, that’s fine”, but I do not allow the peace which is my power, my strength, to be lost. As soon as peace is lost, you immediately know your balance is lost, your strength is lost, your clarity is lost.

Peace is not only a peaceful mind but peace becomes natural because that’s the nature of the soul. One of the important qualities of the soul is that the soul is peaceful. Like purity, the energy of purity, the same for peace and love, is also a very important quality. So what happens is, as Baba is saying, you remain like you have to keep yourself very protected from any kind of effect of an external situation. So if we think about that, always remember to look at everything and understand from the third eye. Eyes have a lot to do, ears have a lot to do, mouth, these are three. You must have seen when people take a dip in Ganges, what do they do? They close all these three, because these are three important sense organs, and that is why detached observer is one of the qualities. When I'm listening, just keep Baba in between. These days people have so much, when you hear stories of sickness, so many different stories, I immediately keep Baba in between and say, “Baba, You are the One who is the Liberator, You are the One who is the Purifier, You are the One who removes the sorrows of others. I can have good wishes, but Baba is the One who helps the souls to settle karmic accounts. So bringing Baba in between while listening, it doesn't touch you. A lot of attention is paid to that.

So, Baba is saying that if I want to remain constantly with Baba, Manmanabhav, remember Baba in such a way that you don't even remember what happened. These days, every moment things are happening. Many times you don’t remember what happened in the morning, or what happened during the day, because there is so much happening. Not only that, but if we keep going beyond and then it deletes, it doesn't remain with us. So, we have to, as Baba said, “establish the Kingdom with unbroken peace”. Then like Baba gave examples once that there are a lot of waves in the ocean, but if you go down a little bit to the bottom of the ocean, it's very calm, very still. Some of you must have seen that they have these boats with the glass in between, especially when you go to the islands, they take you on the ride. Everything is so still. So go in, instead of remaining on the surface, the wind is creating waves, right? The whole day we have to remain so protected by the atmosphere because that creates waves. Just go a little bit at the bottom. That's what we had been practicing, whether you call it solitude or concentration, this whole month. So when you are in solitude with Baba, you have gone down at the bottom of the ocean. We have to make it unbroken, because it breaks then you have to start it, but stay unbroken, as Baba said, and consider any storm as a gift. I find whenever there is any kind of little external or internal crisis, it’s bringing something to you. So what is it bringing? I have to learn that lesson.

So that's a very important Avyakti signal for tomorrow's homework. We have to keep with ourselves, remind yourself “I am messenger of God”. So messenger of what? Messenger of peace. So that’s our homework and so we will keep that attention. I was thinking that we will revise on Saturday. Baba’s first message of 21st January. We had so many thoughts, so many thoughts. Not necessarily each one of us but who will give Murli, what will happen, who will take care? A lot of questions, and Baba gave answers to everyone. Always remember God has a plan for me. We can plan, Drama has a plan, but Baba has plan for us. The more you think that way, Baba will take care, Baba has plan for me and of course then from under Baba’s plan. We also plan, but generally we go by our plan more, and then whatever happens is according to the Drama plan, but there is a higher one is God's plan. I plan what Baba planned, because then He will help me, if I understand His plan. So we will read it and see what Baba is saying, ok.

Om Shanti

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