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I, as karanhar am doing everything #27

Stay_In_Avyakt_Silence_27 Mohini_Didi              January 27, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

All the effort is to increase our inner strength, increase our willpower and determination. The effort that Baba teaches us to do is through our awareness, because awareness will increase our capacity, our strength. So to remain double light, every day Baba gives us homework, whether we call it avyakti signal or homework. Baba gives us one point, we pay attention to keep having the thoughts and keep creating that awareness. So for tomorrow's homework, Baba is giving us a signal. While doing every action, that I am not doing it, because the whole day, there is the pull of actions. I have to do this, I have to do this, I have to do this. Even if there is the aim of soul consciousness and Baba's remembrance, I must do it. We are not in Baba’s remembrance all the time. Most of us have jobs or other things, such as studies. The majority of Baba’s children even while doing that also remain occupied in Baba’s service in some way or the other. So we need power for that, right? We need to keep increasing our capacities, our newness and creativity. So, when we keep Baba in our awareness, then there will be many beautiful experiences. There won't be this burden all the time that ‘I have to do’. Baba is the one who will make it happen through me. So remembrance of Baba is there, will power is there. If any difficulties or challenges come, Baba will help me. 

So the homework for tomorrow is that the Father is Karankaravanhar. Baba is doing it through us and the one who is inspiring you and making you do everything. Am I doing everything? No, Baba is making it happen. So whenever you are in confusion and do not know what to do, let Baba help you to decide. With this awareness, finish any awareness of being someone who is doing everything. Be detached and also loving. What happens these days? Tension and anxiety are so common for everyone. What to do, you are late, something happened, so the tension rises. If I leave everything on Baba, then you don't have anxiety. Every moment, there is the possibility of tension, so one doesn't remain light. The whole energy all over the world is negative, so tension is there all the time. Baba says to be detached and loving. Surrender all your burden to the Father with the awareness of your eternal form. Eternal form is as a soul, and the souls’ nature is of purity, love, peace, power, and all other qualities. So when you get upset or disturbed, just remind yourself that I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul. So remind you of your qualities eternally, they will become your nature. and you will experience a double light stage. Baba doesn't want us to carry any burden. If you have any burden in the intellect, you won't be able to discern. They always say never decide anything under pressure because that won't be right. Leave it for a while, and then when you are peaceful, you are relaxed, you are in love with Baba, then decide. Baba says, “Leave the burden with Me.” Take it to Baba and say, “Baba, you will help me, you take care.” In lokik also when children have something heavy to carry, parents do help to carry them. So parents always want their children to be double light. We are Baba’s royal children, this is the Confluence Age, so Baba wants us to be double light. This is very important. So, tomorrow's homework is to keep thinking about Baba as Karankaravanhar,  the one who does and also makes us do. 

Om Shanti

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