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I am seated on the heart-throne #12

Love_for_Solitude_12 Mohini Didi January 12, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Satguruvaar! As soon as we think of Satguru Baba, then a lot of power, a lot of love, everything emerges in the heart. I was thinking there is so much love for Baba as parents, Baba as teacher, Baba as Satguru. They have so much love for us and constantly sustain us with their love. Whatever Baba says, whether they are teachings or directions, they all are because of love for us. They are not like orders. Baba loves us and he has come to make us complete, because we are the instruments now to create the world where everyone has Golden Hearts. So, to create that Golden Aged world, Baba wants us to become perfect, Baba wants us to be complete. Today, Baba was drawing attention to being complete in knowledge. I was thinking it’s true when it comes to applying knowledge. Having knowledge is one thing, we have a lot of knowledge, but applying every thought based on knowledge, every word based on knowledge, every action based on knowledge. I think we will have to look at our chart, our attitude, our drishti. The power of understanding knowledge and doing it in practical, creating that stage, and then from there connecting it with remembrance of Baba. Just take one virtue and just connect with Baba with that virtue. That will help us for dharna, that means becoming like Baba. Baba is the one who is Blissful. Baba is the one who is Benevolent. So, I also have to be like Baba. Just imagine, with those qualities, when we serve the souls, how much they will attain. Joy and happiness of serving. Baba always says there is instant fruit of true seva. So, very beautifully, Baba explained to us, and also, Baba has given us this throne. Sit on the throne and keep moving. Some days even when I am sitting, I want to move my leg, keep moving a little bit, but Baba wants us to be stable and still. When there is stability, there is stillness. So, I as a soul sit on the throne of the center of the forehead. So, the throne never shakes but when I am sitting on the throne, I can keep moving a little bit. So, just think practically, what will make me stable? Baba said that it is concentration. That means just have one thought and stabilize yourself, become still, be consistent in that thought. Whatever thought, but just be stable and still. Even when you sit on Baba's heart throne, first imagine you are on Baba’s heart throne, you have to be still. So, you will also shake there? Baba says that in the Golden Age, you must have seen when the kings sit on the throne, they are very stable. So, very subtly when there is some energy that keeps changing your thoughts, then you cannot be still. So, how do I practice? Just take one thought like, “I am Baba's honest child. I am Baba's obedient child. I am always available for Baba's service.” Just one thought, and then just remain stable. Baba said that even that stability and stillness is shown with your hand completely still. When you look in the temples or Avyakt Bapdada when he's taking leave, his drishti, his hand of stability. When there is stillness in thought, then it will show through our drishti. If there are many thoughts coming, your drishti cannot be still or stable. It's a good practice actually. So, this is our homework for tomorrow to see my hand of stability and still my drishti, my thoughts. It's all what Baba said in the Bhog message and Avyakti signal. So, we will look into all these points.

Om Shanti

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