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I am A Self-Sovereign, A Master of the Self #15

Love_for_Solitude_15 Mohini_Didi January 15, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, we all served the world? We keep the world in our hand and look at the world, giving Baba’s love, pure vibrations. Baba says that we are the lights of His eyes. You know in lokik life, for children, they will say, “You're the light of our eyes.” So today, Baba is saying that as light is important, eyes are important, light of the eye, but also in the world, light is always very important. It's very beautiful to think of ourselves as the light of Baba's eyes, and then the light for the world. You know, of course we have world meditation hour, but these kinds of thoughts also serve the world. Just during the day, think of yourself as the light of Baba's eyes and then think of yourself as light for the world. I think if we do it with just one thought, and have this awareness, I think it definitely will reach many souls. Now we have to serve the world, right? So how do we serve the world? The time might come, now we are still able to go out and travel, but there might be a time when we can't. So these two thoughts: “I am the light of Baba’s eyes”, and then, “I'm the light of the world”. So it's like from darkness you turn on light, then you can see things as they are. So, the world is in darkness. Their thinking, their actions, everything is of ignorance, of darkness. So when we have these thoughts, if we do it very often, it will reach them. Many souls will receive it. I'm sure you will see the result of that too.

I feel so much pull to be in “Ekant” or just be with Baba. We had been practising “Ekantpriya” for quite a long while now, two weeks. So a soul has a lot of pull, one minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes whenever there is time, actually when one minute is a lot. Yesterday Baba said practice of one second, and I’m talking of one minute, 60 seconds. If we create this awareness, you will find that it will really serve the self and serve the world. Today Baba is focusing on concentration. Concentration is when I’m with Baba. It’s a pure kind of concentration. A lot of people have good intellect, good concentration, that's different, but this is the concentration Baba says which can bring you all accomplishments. With good concentration in the lokik world, you can become the top boss of the company because you have a good intellect, but that is not the accomplishment we are looking for. These days, many Baba’s children call me. I'm getting a promotion but I don’t want to take it. It’s a little more money but more responsibility, more hours of work. So they don’t take it. They’re calling for me to be a manager, but I don’t want to be manager. In the lokik world, it’s an achievement, but compare that to what we could do at the Confluence Age. That means I am getting a few hundred dollars more, but then your commitment is more, responsibilities are more, you have to be available anytime because you are a manager. I know many Baba’s children who don’t take it. We are not looking for external achievement.

Baba says that someone with accomplishment or Siddhi, will say to stop something and they think wow, they have so much power. Our achievement is that I tell my mind “stop thinking, no more thoughts”. Can I do that? Internally there is time, we have to stop but our mind goes on and on then it comes in words, we go on and on and it feels too much. Not only that, but extra words, extra thoughts then creates difficulties. Maybe the other person is not willing to listen to all that. What is in my mind, I just say it, but we also have to see how much is needed to say, what will be accepted by everyone. So accomplishment, Siddhi, is that I can tell my mind, “That’s enough, stop.” It’s very important, and that’s the result of concentration. When there’s concentration, I can stop the thought. So my ability, that power, that accomplishment is very beautiful. Baba says that when people look at you as the image of one who bestows blessings, that means something outside attracts people, but your victory will be when you are able to stop your thoughts. It’s a great achievement, isn’t it? Extra thinking is not necessary, it’s a waste of energy, and sometimes we go below self-respect, too. So it’s very subtle, and it's a good thing we’re able to do it.

One of the very important blessings was yesterday or the day before “Be essenceful and stop the details”. There will always be expansion of thoughts, expansion of words, but Baba says “be essenceful, to the point”. Baba says that everyone will say you are a victorious soul because you are able to stop the thoughts. It’s sometimes like a big wave is coming of thoughts and suddenly you feel that it’s going to waste. It doesn’t have any impact. I want to stop it. So, within a second, you should be able to stop and then you are sensible also in a way. So I like when Baba is saying there will be glory, there will be victory. I think that as we are practising concentration, let’s do it properly because the month of February will come, we have other homework, we have celebration of Shiv-Jayanti, and many of us are going to Madhuban. So get this Siddhi and then it’s so interesting that the atmosphere will change, and others will also be able to do it. Not only that, but if I need to catch signals of time, signals of Baba, even signals from others, we know the minds of others, what they would like, what they won’t like. The power of concentration is important because it’s only when you are in deep silence. Concentration is deep silence, right? You could feel from Baba what He wants you and everyone to do. Many ask me, “What effort should I make?” Baba’s Murli tells us everything, but stay close to Baba, catch Baba’s signals. We are very fortunate that Baba is helping us in every way, making us do many elevated actions. So we are fortunate that Baba can use me as an instrument, but if you really want to go higher, then you need to catch Baba’s signals. Every morning I ask Baba, “What more do you want me to do?” We keep our mind free from what we are doing, then we can go to Baba. If our mind is always crowded with a lot of thoughts, the intellect is very busy, but it’s good to go in silence. Baba said that victory will be when you will say to your thoughts, “Stop it, I don’t want to think more,” and it stops. So, tomorrow the bhatti starts, and it’s also Monday- a day of silence. So practise this, and then you can have this achievement, this Siddhi, of law and order for the sense organs, and also full-stop to your thoughts.

Om Shanti

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