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“I am a carefree emperor” #2

Updated: Mar 4

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_2      Mohini_Didi            March 2, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone!

Are you accepting the title Baba is giving us as carefree king? Generally, it’s considered to be very good to have a caring nature, but then sometimes that care becomes a concern, and concern can become a worry. Worry means a lot of wasteful thoughts. If I remember that I have to be carefree, I have to have bigger powers with me. If I am concerned, and if I am worried, I am wasting a lot of thoughts. If I have wasteful thoughts, I won’t experience Baba‘s help, Baba‘s powers. So, Drama is working, Drama is moving, Drama is beneficial, and Baba, of course, is Almighty. Things should work, and if they are not working, I will say, “Let’s see where there is some benefit in that also.” So it’s very beautiful that our awareness definitely helps us. I had been with Baba for 60 plus years, and we have done a lot of projects, international projects, but then  Dadi Gulzar used to teach us, “When you begin a task, there could be difficulties, there could be obstacles, but if I maintain the stage of carefree emperor, if I maintain that promise to Baba, Baba becomes responsible. Most of you have this experience. You have some need, necessity, and Baba says to be carefree. So you remain carefree and you have determination that I have to follow what Baba says. Then Baba becomes responsible. We are sincere, have 100% trust in Baba, and we watch Drama. We really need faith, but also, to observe and be detached. So, Baba is saying that today’s homework always remembers, I am a carefree emperor. Those who remain carefree are able to make good decisions because they receive a touching to do something or not to do something according to the time. So, what we have to remember the whole day is that I am a carefree emperor. By having this intoxication, the situation of worry will change. Whatever Baba says is promising us. Always remember that every situation comes to help us, to increase our faith, increase our power, increase our capacity. It never comes to defeat us, but it comes to make us victorious. So just have the awareness that I am a carefree king. 

Om Shanti


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