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I am a Carefree Emperor #10

Love_for_Solitude_10 Mohini_Didi January 10, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everytime we hear a word, we get a new meaning. Have I taken care of everything? So that I can be free? How you take care of yourself, that is you have to be free from feeling any burden of responsibility. I have thoughts all the time that I have to do this, I have to complete it. So someone would say, what thoughts should I have? It will be done, It will become complete. Yes, there will be enough cooperation. So one aspect is to take care of everything, and the other aspect is not to carry the burden of what you have to take care of. That it is where you give your concerns, your burdens, to Baba. Baba will make it happen. Drama is very benevolent, it will happen. So deeply within, by going into the bottom or the end of the ocean, a lot of these beautiful virtues, get not only they start working in me but gradually they grow, and then you can take more care of everything. So while taking care, remain carefree. You cannot just say, “I don’t care, Baba will do it.” That won’t work. So it's very subtle, as much as we keep the aim then I have to practice. I need to have that stage. Then sometimes let’s say you are busy or you wish something, Baba will touch your intellect. You will get the right thought at the right time and you will know that it’s from Baba. So making Baba responsible actually starts helping in life.

Baba says that at the Confluence Age we have so many angels around, but we have to invoke them. When you invoke these angels, they come, they get it done. Suddenly somebody will appear and you will know its Baba. So that one aspect is very important when you don’t carry the burden of responsibility, then you are like a king. That means everything is under your ruling. Have you ever sat on the throne and try to feel that I am the king, I have all rights, this is my kingdom. Not because of ego, but self respect, a carefree king. When Baba gives us a thought, or a practice, and if we do it, we definitely feel that stage. It is interesting that you care and you are carefree. Let’s say you have something to take care of, or a patient to take care of. So you are doing it properly. You are very careful with whatever you have to do. Deeply within there could be subtle worry, will this medicine work or not? Will he be recovering or not? Will he be able to go home or not? These thoughts are concerns. They actually take away a lot of energy, very subtly they are sucking our strength. So while taking care, do not allow these concerns. Very few people can remain completely carefree from all that. People call it anxiety. So many thoughts can come. Baba says that your time is valuable, your thoughts are valuable. So why are you wasting them like this? This wastage is so subtle. How many of you think you really are free from that kind of concern, let me see hands. I am thinking these days that I can say, “Yes, they are less and less, because it will be done, it will happen.

So, Master Almighty power has to be maintained, not wasted. Baba has given us the task, go to the bottom of the ocean, be in love with One, have solitude, concentration. I think this homework, anytime if we pay attention then subtle concerns or useless thoughts can be replaced by our practices. In any situation, some have these thoughts and concerns, and some say, “Okay, should be alright.” So power has to be used, where I am making things happen. If you maintain that power rather than having concerns, that power, strength, things will happen. Just look at yourself in whatever situation, what do you have to do? Look at yourself, what kind of subtle energy, subtle thoughts are coming? Then there are so many people around you, then the worry thoughts and questions come back. Then everyone’s opinion, concerns of others, now that energy also goes to me. If I say, “No it's going to be okay, definitely. It is Baba’s task, it will be done”, I will be safe because I am Baba’s child, Baba will take care of me. Now these are powerful thoughts. We need these days specially to have elevated and powerful thoughts at every minute. So, I keep very much like, yes, Baba is there, then angels will emerge. That is why I said we should keep increasing our ability to respond to every situation in a very light and joyful way, because what can you do? Some people will fight and shout, so what will happen? Nothing! We say, “Okay, let’s see, keep our energy very pure, positive.” Then everything starts working nicely. So many experiences like this. Each one of you must have some experiences where, now this is like leaving responsibility on Baba. Baba is responsible. We are subtly removing our worries, our fears, so that we can retain our power. Otherwise there is leakage of power. Power Will go and then your ability to respond, you won’t be strong enough.

So it's a very beautiful way, and I think for tomorrow in the workshop, it will be very beautiful. I am a carefree king. Be careful, be caring. The more caring you are, careful, you are light, no burden, no wasteful thoughts, and be like a king. Kings don’t have to worry. He has a right to everything. It is beautiful to think of being a child of Almighty Baba, Master Almighty, but Baba said that you have to use power at the right time and keep internally very light, so that the intellect is clear. Otherwise, you won’t be able to decide at the right time because of so much going on in the intellect, and life will be like that, is like that. Various situations, circumstances, and if we are together we can definitely cooperate, help each other, that’s also very important. Caring over concern. Caring, but not over concern, no waste of energy. Use the power, create elevated thoughts, the vibrations will help others. Vibrations also will help you make things very good in the Drama.

Om Shanti


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