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Humility, Creativity and Greatness in Every Word #10

Construct_the_New_World_10 Mohini_Didi July 10th, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone !

When Baba uses our greatness, we believe it, but we also think, what is that greatness? Today Baba said, you are valuable like diamonds. Baba also said, you are more valuable than diamonds. That's the greatness. God himself is saying you are more valuable than diamonds. Your palaces are decorated with diamonds. When you feel that internally, greatness could emerge. Baba also wants us to follow the father.

Words we can hear, thoughts we cannot, but words are the expression of thoughts. “I did it. I want it. I like it.” This is not right. Within a sentence or a paragraph we use the words “I and mine”. The first thing Baba did was to surrender this “I and mine”. I mean we will have to use the word “I”, but Baba is saying one is I of body consciousness and one is I of soul consciousness. There was a sister visiting from India who would always say “soul”. She would say, “You soul, come”. It was a little confusing. You still have to say I, but as I said, the soul consciousness I. They get a little bit mixed, sometimes there is body consciousness, sometimes it's soul consciousness. How do I follow Baba in thoughts first? Internally, I belong to Baba. This I of body consciousness has to change. Brahma baba used to say, “Baba did this”. For himself, he used the word Baba then said “I”. It was such a beautiful feeling when he was in the awareness “I am the instrument of God. I am just the instrument”.

He had quite a full day routine. He would wake up in the morning at 3:00 for Amrit Vela, go for a little walk, speak murli, then go for a long walk, he would read all the letters, write all the letters, then have breakfast. For 18 hours he was a very accurate karma yogi. Following Baba when it comes to words, he was very respectful. Through even his drishti you could feel the love and respect he had for all the children. Never ordinary drishti. Our drishti should be uplifting. Then they will say they feel very light, powerful or some kind of freedom when you look at them. They feel their sorrows have been removed. This is what Baba does through his drishti. He did that when he was in sakar Brahma Baba. He did that through Dadi Gulzaar. He's still doing it from the subtle region. Baba used words of blessing, words of knowledge, always. We know his love is so internal, but through his words. Every time he starts speaking to us sweet, sweet children. Mithe, mithe bachhe. He always said sweet children. It's not like everyone was in the same stage. They have something inside going on, some disturbance. Sometimes they're upset. But then Baba says sweet, sweet children. Then everyone internally felt they had to be sweet. For greatness or to be a good instrument, don't look at people as they are today. That's what they have to become is sweet. Follow Brahma Baba, following Father. We have to use the words and drishti like Baba. How Baba speaks to us, we have to speak to others.

Yesterday I mentioned that Baba gave directions but not orders. First there are words, then follow Baba in actions. He was very punctual. If murli began at 6:45, Baba would be standing there. In this spiritual life, everything is important, but what is most important is study. Never miss any single morning murli. That's the foundation of our life. That's the strength of our life. Those are the blessings of our life. Baba’s versions means murli. He began when he was 60, so in his 70s and his 80s, he never missed morning class. You heard that even he was in hospital. He said all children must be waiting for murli, so he wrote murli. That same one was printed and sent everywhere. Not only that, but those who were printing, those who were mailing murli, everyone was so accurate because Baba was accurate. Begin your day with proper Amrit Vela and listening to murli. Anything you have to do, you should start after listening to murli. Follow the routine of Yagya. That's what Brahma baba did. Plus, he is part of karma yoga, whether it is, cleaning grains, making food. If a place has to be kept clean, everyone does something. Brahma baba was always in front to take initiative. He would start getting things done or he would join in the middle. Baba also did gardening, planting of fruits, everything. He used to love to walk around with the gardener. It is kind of being in the company, being part of everything, was his actions and then because he had the awareness of being an instrument, that was visible through his greatness.

Baba also said, we all are great. With greatness, what is important is humility. Be humble. Be respectful. Never be loud with anyone, because if anyone says something or it causes sorrow, blessings don't come out of that soul. That soul might say, I have my good wishes with you, no matter what you did to me, but blessings are more when the heart is pleased. All blessings come from Baba to you. If there is hurt, knowledge is missing. Never do anything which causes sorrow. Blessings are very important in this life. Blessings are like treasure. It will help you to continue in the tasks that you are doing. When I see someone doing a lot of work, I really say bless you so that you can continue to do what you're doing, not only this way, but a better way. So remember that. Greatness is where you are comforting more and no one feels sorrow about anything. That is called the balance between greatness and humility. Baba is saying if there is greatness and lack of humility, you won't be successful. If you have humility, not greatness, then also there's no balance. You won't be successful. I think each one of us looks for success in our lives. Is there anyone who likes failure? Everyone likes success. This balance, greatness and humility, always remember so you aren’t defeated by Maya or go wondering. Always be fortunate and for that you have to follow Father. That should be constantly in our awareness, so that we are always successful.

Om Shanti

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