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Honesty and Cleanliness #6

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_6        Mohini_Didi             March 6, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba’s honest and clean children. I think one feels very light and very good when there is honesty. When there is a lack of honesty, there is a lot of heaviness, confusion, and then you lose self-trust. So this is a habit of being honest, whether honesty in money or honesty in relationships. Even in a relationship, there has to be total honesty. There is a saying that honesty is the best policy. You don't have to tell lies. You don't have to feel deceived. If we are not honest, actually we are deceiving ourselves first. So, remain very honest. Baba is saying that when you have to become a beggar, do not become an emperor. I think we have to understand this aspect of being a beggar. Baba says that beggar is when nothing belongs to me. An emperor is when you remember that Baba has given us all the treasures, I am full.  The emperor is the emperor because the  treasures are full. So, when I have to be a beggar, then I say that nothing belongs to me. Then when I have to be an emperor, I say that all the treasures God has given me, belong to me. The emperor stores are full. When you have to be an emperor, do not become a beggar. Sometimes we could forget and say that nothing belongs to me. Sometimes when I have to say that nothing belongs to me, I say that I have all the treasures. So, Baba is giving us this practice, or asking us to have balance. I think we have to practice and then see how you feel. You need to have this wonder of the intellect. As is the time, so is the situation, so make your form according to that. That is the form of a beggar or the form of an emperor. Make yourself like that. Make your form according to that. For this, the main thing needed is the power to decide. You will have the power when you have internal and external honesty and cleanliness. 

I remember we used to have a milkman in India in the olden days. A few years ago they used to deliver milk at your home. So when he brought milk, there was a little bit of foam on the top of the milk. When the foam settled down, you would see little space and that means less milk. So this lady got upset and she said, “You are not honest, you don't give me proper measurement of milk.” He said okay, I won't bring it starting  tomorrow.” He was so honest because he never makes water, but of course the foam on the top is when you put it in the jug or jar. It is very interesting because his demand for milk was so much, he did not worry whether she liked it or not. He was not worried about losing clients. He knew that those who know pure milk will always take from him. So in honesty, there is no doubt, it's a lot of trust because you are honest, you're not doing anything wrong. When there is lack of honesty, definitely one kind of gets nervous, the doubtful thoughts start coming, wasteful thoughts come. So all of us have to always keep in mind that we have to be very honest. Also, we need a clean heart, right intentions, pure desires, and loveful relationships. Not something in and out, with different intentions that are not right, or feelings that are not good. You know when your heart is clean then everything is really very clean. All these virtues are connected with the intellect. One is wasteful thoughts in the mind. Another one is the heart of the intellect. So it’s mind, it’s heart, it’s intellect. Intellect is very important because at the right time you have to decide, and decide the right way. So, let's do this practice and then look at what experience comes, write down those experiences. Were you able to do it or not? Were you able to take the right form? I think it's very enjoyable if you do it regularly. 

Om Shanti 


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