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Honesty And Cleanliness #2

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_2 Mohini_Didi November 2, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba explains to us and then leaves a question for all of us. Baba gives the answer but then when we want to practise, a question comes. I also had this thought when Baba said, “Baba wants to help, Baba is giving you some signals that you should catch, but your switch of that power of catching and touching gets turned off by Maya.” So, what is that switch? Baba always mentions the switch of awareness. Baba said that when the switch of smriti is turned off, then I am not in my awareness of either soul consciousness or remembrance of Baba, my true religion. So I'm in that stage of forgetfulness, ‘vismriti’, that means the switch has been turned off. Baba had used these words in the Murli, “Awareness is your switch, keep it on”. So what we will do tomorrow from amritvela is just pay attention internally to what happens when smriti, awareness, is on. Then, when I am not in that awareness, what's the difference? When the intellect is in awareness, it has power to take help from Baba, or at the right time, is able to receive touching for the right thing. I think that all of us have this experience, but not all the time. In the past few days, I myself had been invoking these powers and I had been thinking how to keep the switch on all the time. When you have a touching, you are very clear, otherwise what you listen to is the dictates of your own mind. When there is awareness, that means you are connected with Baba. He says, “I am your companion, I must help, I am responsible for you, but when there is a lack of awareness, certain fears could come, certain questions can come. Baba said that time is delicate, so a lot of thoughts can come.

So, I think we will try with the switch of awareness tomorrow and see what are the touchings? Like I found that when I took homework and I noticed two ways, because thinking also is a habit. Let's say someone does something, now the old nature or habit is to tell that soul. Then you tell it because your feelings are still heavy, and the other soul will react to that. So, even if you are watching, and the teaching is so good, it's for the benefit of that soul, but there won't be acceptance. I had been looking into that. First, go into silence or with Baba or whatever and with a lot of love and good wishes, you try to explain to the soul. My feelings for everyone are that all are Baba’s heir souls, and heir souls should have good qualifications. One of those qualifications is a total trustee. Not like in today's homework, it's explained very clearly that to change the sanskars, transformation of sanskars and nature, we use two qualities: to be truthful and honest. Honest and clean. So clean here really means that it’s very easy for us when someone is going through something, we can give a few points. “You should be doing this, Baba is with you.” However, when I have to go through that same situation, I don't have that much power. So, what Baba is saying is that honesty is when I'm saying to others, then I also have to apply it for myself. It could be anything, it could be a loss, or it could be uncertainity of faith. You know internally that you have to create it, any situation you are in, once you are there and you are Baba’s trustee, you are committed to Baba, Baba’s task, Baba will definitely help. So, my thoughts, words, and actions should be the same, and that is called honesty.

You know when we are saying something to someone, we have to say, “Baba says this, Baba has told us.” So, it’s like we invoking Baba and there's definitely more power in that. Baba is explaining honesty and a clean heart, that means my intentions, my feelings, my intentions are very pure, there is no selfishness. Let's say when you give some good wishes to someone, and then subtly ego comes in and my good wishes will definitely work. Then of course if they work you feel very proud, and if they don't work, then you think it's something wrong with that soul. So, I think that internally you have to have, as Baba said, total honesty. When there is this honesty or you are altruistic, you don't have any desire to get the result of that. Like some souls say, “Oh, I had been giving so many good wishes to my lokik family, but there is no change, they don’t yet show any interest in knowledge.” So, you want to see the outcome. I always say, “They are Baba’s children. I have to keep good wishes.” I remember when I came to Gyan I didn't try to give anyone knowledge because they all were older than me. I can't sit and explain knowledge to them, but I have to be an example, and I have to see them as Baba’s children. After some time they see life, they see success, they see the courage that we have, they see everything and definitely it inspires them. When they are inspired, they also feel it’s very good knowledge which we should also take. Then everyone starts taking knowledge and becoming spiritual, alokik from lokik. So, in all different ways, we have to connect souls with God, because ‘if they all are in knowledge, my life will be easier’. I am looking at the outcome, and when you're looking at the outcome, that's not total honesty.

So clean and pure heart and also you know very subtly some kind of attachment is there for everything, whatever we do. So, I think that we have to be detached observers like Baba was, and with very pure love and pure feelings, say what you have to say, do what you have to do, and interact with those feelings. I think this definitely will fulfill what our stage should be, and also do good to everyone.

Om Shanti

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