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Have Greater Success In A Shorter Time #25

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_25 Mohini_Didi May 25, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruwar to everyone! I am sure that you all had a beautiful meeting with Baba in the Subtle Regions. You were touched with Baba’s message. Every one of you must have felt something, one little point of what Baba is explaining to us or giving us blessings. We have been taking this Avyakt signal from Baba as our homework for the day. Baba wants us to have greater success, to have more accumulation of income. So Baba keeps giving us signals, different methods on how to do it, and what to do. One point that we are taking for this month is of mansa seva. We always think, this one needs help, that one needs sakaash. We keep doing action, but mansa seva is also very important. That means whatever the soul is doing, whatever I am doing, there should also be a very good state of mind that is elevated, and a bestower. So pay attention to whatever we do in the mind, for the mind, with the mind, while we are doing other things. Baba says that you all do service, you use your mind for service, planning, thinking, how to do, what to do, but with that, also create something special with your mind. Baba also said in Avyakt Murli, ‘bhavna and bhav’, there should be pure feelings and pure intentions.

At public programs, many people come but how many really took from what we were presenting? Even if we could answer their questions, did they spiritually, deeply take something? That’s only possible when our state of mind, our thoughts are deeply based on mansa service. We prepare the hall, we prepare toli, we put flowers, looks beautiful, well organized, but what touches the soul. So, this is what Baba wants for us to achieve, more success while doing karma yoga through your body. Also, Baba has been talking a lot about the angelic stage. There are these unlimited, elevating feelings, your intentions, then what you are receiving will make your mind very powerful. That means you are attaining a lot of power. How do we know we are getting power? Baba is saying that there is no effort in transformation of the self. Baba says that we should be mindful of the words we speak. Sometimes we say things that hurt, then we say that I did not intend to, I didn't mean it. If you are only doing physical service or whatever resources you are using without creating or making effort for your mind, you will still require effort for the self transformation. Otherwise it should naturally happen. If I am doing all properly then my thoughts-words-actions, everything will help transform the self.

If I say I cannot change this, this is my nature, I cannot do this, I have been like this, this is my personality, and if you are not transforming, you will find difficulties with the sanskars of others. What am I supposed to do with anyone’s sanskars, even sometimes their vibrations? If I am strong, my thoughts are powerful, I live in those vibrations, my own vibrations should be stronger than the vibrations of others. So, in the gathering, we will not have any difficulties. Baba says that sometimes we judge and compare how much someone does, sometimes we do more, or sometimes we want to do more. You should be you, do your best, do as much as you can do. Sometimes we say, "I need to do more and sometimes we say why do I have to do so much?” Then what happens sometimes, we get disheartened and we say things like, “I don’t think I can manage. It's too much for me. I don’t think I can be like that.” So in a gathering, you are not able to manage. Baba said that whatever service you do, if you keep increasing your stage or maintaining that stage of bhavna and bhav, then you are also receiving and accumulating while doing that service. Then it will be easy to be in a gathering and you will never get disheartened.

These signals from Baba are very subtle. Sometimes they look the same, but if you read once, twice, three times, then you know what He is trying to say. Even though I read it so many times, I realize Baba is saying that success is one thing, but you should also get power. When there is power then everything is easy and natural. Baba keeps giving us, we multiply, we keep giving to Baba. So we keep doing programs, workshops, entertaining ourselves, and entertaining people by doing programs, but did it really touch them? Did they come to know Baba a little bit? You are connected to Baba. There should be an aim and that is called mansa seva. We are always busy with class, wondering who will do workshops. We keep doing, I get so many, this draft, that draft, but what is our aim? Why are these souls coming? What do we have to give them? First we should plan. We are doing it in a gross way, but we are not thinking about the next spiritual attainment. Not only do we want to just give an experience for one hour, two hours, but how do they experience it? I think that is required, and it can happen only if our mansa seva for the self is increasing. There should be more discussion on what they require, what they are coming for, instead of spending a lot of time on who is doing what. Whatever we are doing is necessary, but what Baba wants us to do is more mansa seva. Then we will see how many will just surrender, belong to Baba, be very inspired to be cooperative. Those thoughts, our bhavna of that kind can definitely bring more and more success.

Om Shanti


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