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Great Tapaswi Form #13

Volcanic_Yoga_13 Mohini_Didi August 13, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay? Everyone well? So we use the words “Tyag, Tapasya and Seva”. You all must have heard from Baba’s Murli that tapasya requires renunciation. You won't be able to just sit because your intellect and mind will go towards many things. In renunciation it's not that I leave everything. Brahma Baba did tyag- renunciation. There is one renunciation where the saints, sages, sadhus leave home, they run away, we have nothing to do with the world. The world is a dream, it's all false. So they do tyag of their kind, but Brahma Baba's renunciation was very royal. When he had recognition of Shiv Baba, recognition of what He has come to create and the relationship with Shiv Baba, he felt renunciation. What to do with the business and everything? If you are successful, some can keep doing it. I remember that one of the doctors I had to go to, he was like 76, and generally they think of retiring. He said, “I am really happy to retire, but my patients won't let me, or even the system, the insurance company, everyone.” So his number of patients is maximum, and his body is old, his experience is vast. So then he will talk to me and ask what he should do? I said, “It's up to you, how are you feeling?” Doctors have to stand all the time, and now everything is online. He has to ask for help with the computer. Later on he said, “Yes, maybe I will retire.”

So Brahma Baba was successful, he had a lot of buildings and a good family, a good business, and also a partner. Brahma Baba’s renunciation was not to leave everything, but he created a trust and let the trust take care of everything. He told his partner to take half of the business. Brahma Baba was more successful but he agreed to split the business and use his share for God’s work. So renunciation, trusteeship, and also later on to see that everything is used in a worthwhile way. After Brahma Baba created the trust, he never used the word ‘mine’ or ‘I’. Then he began with tapasya because he knew if you leave everything then thoughts might come like, “What's happening with it, are people using it properly or not?” The way he did it, I really found that it was a very elevated, satoguni way. The trust was then used for the Yagya, for the unlimited family. He had four or five buildings, very big buildings. So he started a children’s class, and different activities at that time in each building. He saw that everything was being used. Eight young kumaris were in the trust and those were Dadis later on, the founding members we call them.

So, we say ‘tyag’ but there is another word which is very connected in the path of bhakti, ‘Jap-Tap’. Jap’ is like chanting. ‘Tap’ could also make it very intense. For us, tapasya is something where internally also, you are stable, maybe in one thought. For me sometimes, some mornings, one month I just say, “Only peace, Baba you are the Ocean of Peace.” Then I am peaceful and so many beautiful intense experiences come, not of Peace, but if we are peaceful then what kind of power, what kind of service, what kind of feelings are there? It’s like you start exploring it, one hour, two hours in the morning, because you cannot have two hours during the day without any activity or any phone calls. Morning is our time, between 2:30 and 5:00 or whatever. So ‘Tap’ is like being in that experience, it's like fire, it's like heat, but also you all know that a fever is also called ‘Tap’. They always say that fever is the sign of something in the body being expressed. So ‘Tap’, we definitely have to look at this.

Today we were talking about how Baba said okay, ‘Marjeeva’, if I leave the body and I am given another 10 minutes, what will I think? I have learned from the very beginning that I have to take care of certain things, being Baba’s trustee for many things, but Baba taught me, it's not only that I know anything alone. There is always someone who will know about these things. So then my intellect is not pulled to anything. Making a will is another thing, but also practically at your house or wherever you are, there should be nothing that the other person doesn't know about. Brahma Baba never said “I and mine” but also everything was done in such a way, it will be how many years for the Yagya 80? 87? 87 years. So people speculate, oh you have so much money until now, how is it being used? Baba said, “I change ordinary diamonds into real diamonds.” All of us his children are real diamonds. So many worldwide are inspired by Baba's renunciation and they do renunciation. You know there is something called ‘Madhuban News in Hindi’. So every day you hear about the surrender ceremonies, even the programs they are doing now with the government also.

So, we have renunciation, and the prosperity of that renunciation. No one can say, I don’t have anything because I gave everything to Baba. I also gave everything to Baba, but then you are a trustee of so much. So these are deep aspects. Our homework is to be the ‘Image of Tapasya’. You know your image shows your concentration, your peace. Even when you are with lokik people, you’re amongst them, they immediately comment on that, because there’s a kind of stillness in the personality. Otherwise, we look here and there. Baba called it a spiritual personality. As the Sun gives the experience of light, they say that you can have any kind of heat, but without sunlight, this universe can’t survive. The heat of the Sun, the light of the Sun has a connection with clouds, with rain. Baba is saying that there are many other perishable attainments. In the same way, you children, through your great Tapaswi form, have to give the experience of the rays of attainment. For this, first of all increase your account of accumulation. You have to be in the stage of master Almighty Authority. You will experience the rays of powers and specialities spreading everywhere. So you sit and you be that, and then the light and the rays will be spreading all over the world. So tomorrow during traffic control for three minutes, five minutes think of a point and be in a Tapasya form, and that will definitely emerge. Then, by night time, it will be a different experience.

Om Shanti

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