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Grant visions of closeness to the Father #11

Sweetness_&_Love#11                Mohini_Didi          February 11,2024

Omshanti! Sweetness brings all other virtues. I don’t know if it is seen as a virtue or it is closeness.Closeness can be seen in a positive way but could be negative also; this one is very close to this one. But here closeness is more understanding of each other. And specially making them feel close to God. So Baba is saying that sweetness in your thoughts,words,your actions,you make them feel belong to God,make them feel close to God. Because our sweetness is not just a dharna or virtue but it is from Baba. Baba says sweet sweet children & then we say sweet sweet Baba. It is a kind of sweetness of the soul consciousness. It is not artificial.It is real. It comes from our love. And Baba says this sweetness also is your greatness. So underline,more attention all the time that I have to be sweet in our drishti,in our words, in our interaction with each other. So this is the homework, Baba is saying, grant vision of closeness to the Father. Through your drishti they could feel closeness to Baba. I think this is the experience,at least I got from Brahma Baba,then with Dadis as if they are really very closely related. Because the way they talked about God as Father,Mother,I felt, they know God,very close to God. so the same feeling should come from us. Baba says let there be sweetness in your thoughts,words & actions.Thoughts are sweet & words will be sweet. When words are sweet then actions will be sweet. And with the sweetness you will be able to grant visions of closeness to the Father. So Baba is saying that BapDada tells you children everyday, sweet sweet children & you children respond,sweet sweet Baba. So these sweet words spoken daily, make you sweet & this sweetness is greatness. So what kind of greatness is this? And specially like whatever anyone is, whosoever, you are sweet & loving. Because it’s not when we came to Baba, we all were sweet.But from day1 Baba says, sweet sweet children. So we can’t say sweet sweet to others but at least our thoughts,words can be very sweet. It is like one who is very dear to your heart, you will call sweet. So we are dear to Baba & Baba is dear to us. So remain sweet in thoughts-words & actions. The greatness, you will be elevated. So this will be our homework to bring others close to God,give them the vision of closeness to God. People are looking for God,searching for God,reading scriptures,going to pilgrimages but here you are able to give them the experience of closeness with God. Om Shanti!

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