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Godly sanskars #16

Embodiment_of_Success_16 Mohini_Didi September 16, 2023

Om Shanti Every one,

It is so interesting that in the golden age there will be a very small population but at the confluence age, there is a large population. There is a lot of land and few people staying in one palace. Here every room has 5,6,3,2 depending on the size. It is so full and teaches people to stay clean, clean your space. I've been telling those who come to Madhuban, even if you have to bring your own sheet, bring it so that you can change it and feel good. It’s important.

God's love it's very unique and has no attachment. Generally, any love will have attachment. I was trying to understand and looking at Brahma Baba, how many tests came and he had immense love. I could just always feel his love, but no attachment. That’s what he wants from us. Love which is based on a karmic account, physical relationship or of even the slightest body consciousness will have attachment. It's not just a question of being detached, but being more soul conscious. By having more of a spiritual relationship, more love for Baba, keep increasing that and make those intense naturally, it will happen that there will be love but no attachment. No attachment means no sorrow. That's the stage, whether it is the karmateet stage or the stage of perfection, it is free from attachment. That is why they say, smriti swaroop. As soon as you become the embodiment of total awareness of yourself, you will be the conqueror of attachment. We are in the process of that. Everyone will say, I am 80%, 70% in my awareness of who I am and my relationship with Baba.

There is a whole question of sanskars, when we say sins are removed. Those sanskars remain, the sanskars of the golden age remain. In the silver age there cannot be golden aged sanskars. What happens to the sanskar, what are sanskars? What kind of energy are sanskars? It is a very very deep topic to sit in solitude and think about sanskars. The sanskars first emerge as a thought, then you speak, do actions, then our relationships are formed. Even before that, I think it's a very subtle kind of attitude. These are expressions of sanskars, but what is sanskar? Baba talks about Godly sanskars. That means at the confluence age, we are God’s children and constantly we should feel God’s sanskars emerging in us. Baba, Ocean of knowledge, the Purifier, the Ocean of Love, Ocean of Peace, One Who Removes Sorrow. Think about Baba’s qualities and Baba’s divine acts and look at yourself. Do we also have Baba’s sanskars? I think we do. That is why you should try and have more and more experiences. Let's think about God's pure love and be free from attachment. This is something very important. Use your Godly sanskars in a worthwhile way, and waste sanskars will automatically finish. That means that there are Godly sanskars and we have to use them in a worthwhile way. Do not keep your Godly sanskars in the locker of your intellect, use them in a worthwhile way. That means to save them or to increase them. The more you use it, whether you save it or increase it, use it in a worthwhile way. That means, you think that way, speak that way, use them in your connections and relationships and in your actions. These are different ways sanskars are emerged. With your elevated company and with your extremely powerful attitude, to use in a worthwhile way is a way to success. It’s really quite a simple and deep topic. You have to be introverted, be in solitude, go deep and get in touch with your own self and watch. What sanskar emerges first and feel from your thoughts, are they Godly thoughts? That means they are emerging now from God. Godly words, Godly actions, Godly relationships, everything Godly. Godly means, the virtues and the qualities of God. Go into details of what is Godly? There is divine, there is human, there is devilish, there is Godly. Internally, your feelings are emerging and what Baba is saying, use Godly sanskars and use them in a worthwhile way.

Om Shanti !

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