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Godly Budget #14

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_14 Mohini_Didi March 14,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba keeps us very well. Once we become part of the family, then Baba protects us. Baba has been talking so much about love. Before love was like a puzzle. We try to understand love, and whether that person loves me or not. Since we belong to Baba, we understand what true love is. True love is spiritual love, and that love is love for every soul. Baba is telling us that to protect ourselves from Maya, we merge in the Ocean of love. I have been mentioning now I should not be visible, but Baba should be visible through us. If we are in remembrance of Baba, souls will be able to see that light and might. They will see how unlimited you are, how unlimited, unconditional, and altruistic your love is. So, spiritual love is the real love, true love. I don‘t think that we experience that in any other age. Even in the Golden Age, it will be more divine love, but now it is spiritual love. This love has different powers, and Baba is saying that even Maya will not be able to see you, because you are merged in the Ocean of love. You will disappear at that time. So let everyone feel the vibrations of love of Baba and on the other side, merge in the Ocean of love, so that no one can see you. It is a very beautiful way to emerge Baba’s love in us.

Baba has been talking about accumulation, and one of the ways of accumulation is spending, which is not common in the lokik world. If you are spending, you are spending, it’s not if you are spending, you are accumulating. Here Baba is saying that the more you give, the more you accumulate. So, if you want to accumulate the maximum of all the powers, one of the ways is to think that the whole world, every soul, is your family. We look at the sun, we look at the moon, it is only one sun, only one moon but that one sun serves the whole world in so many different ways, so many different directions, it just appears and disappears. We call it sunrise and sunset. So Baba wants our love to be unlimited, and it should be experienced all over the world. So what are our rays of light and rays of might? That’s what the sun does. We know that it keeps moving, it keeps giving sunlight. The same is with the moon. So, it is the same with increasing our power of purity, of love, of peace, of happiness, and that is spread all over the world. That is what is called serving through the mind. It is like you have relatives in Africa or another part of the world, South America, Caribbean. So when you think of them, they do feel it, they connect with you and they call you. They know that you are remembering, or they are remembering, and you also feel it. So, this way we know that thoughts have no boundaries. Thought is unlimited, and it does definitely reach all over the world.

So, that’s what Baba meant when He said that you must serve the whole world. So we think in what ways? Yes, some people could travel, some could give lectures. So, there are certain materials, even physical ways to serve the world. Here, Baba is talking about consistently shining and spreading your light and might. Each one can serve the whole world by spreading vibrations. The time will come when there is a lot of misery, people feel isolated, and you bring the power of God into the lives of everyone and make them feel that all are one. So, our budget is meant for the whole family of the world. As for God, they all sing praise of One, but Baba says that the same will be when you serve through all the virtues in an unlimited way, they will also praise you. That is where Baba talks of Sun, Moon, and then stars. Baba always mentions us to be the stars of the earth. There are stars in the sky and there are stars on the earth. Baba’s children are actually the stars. What will that light, the rays of light do? Make you free from bondage, free from sorrow, free from worries. It liberates you. You show the path to liberation. In people’s lives, sometimes they do feel that suddenly all my boundaries, all my limits of life have disappeared. When they are feeling this light at might, they are feeling liberated. So Baba says, you can give liberation but also there are many who will experience at present what we call liberation in life. That should be our experience; that we live in the world but we are completely free.

So, Baba is saying that waves of happiness, waves of peace, waves of love, should spread all over the world. We just remain happy all the time. Not only temporary or externally, but internally and unlimited. Just imagine the rays of happiness spreading all over the world. There is your savings. The more you give, the more you save. It only happens in spiritual life, and when you save, you feel very happy also. So, for a few moments, create the awareness that every soul of the world is part of my family. Love for everyone, for those who don't love you, you love that soul more. Sometimes you feel that that’s what the souls need. Our love should become that support, our love should give them strength, and bring them close to Baba, help them to merge in the Ocean of love. Let them be free and feel they are moving towards the stage of liberation and liberation in life. It is so interesting what our stage should be while serving, what our aim should be while serving. This will help us to be very consistent, and nothing will disappear from our lives, whether it is love, happiness, or peace. While I am sharing, internally I am feeling, yes we can do it in practical. You cannot say I only serve in the east or west. We serve the world. That is why Baba gives us the titles of world servers and world transformers. So, let us keep this in our thoughts, that I have to serve the whole world.

Om Shanti


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