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God Shiva’s Versions –The Truth, The Living Being, The Blissful One #12

God_Shiva’s_Versions_12 Mohini_Didi February 12, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay, well? Yes, very good, I can see the hands, right! Everyone has the aim also to keep well. We have to take care of ourselves because this birth is very valuable, both for efforts of the self, and also for service. You can use this body, mind, everything in Baba’s service. So, we have to keep our mind very healthy, stable, and the body healthy also. I am sure you all had beautiful experiences of connecting deep purity with peace. Baba is saying, it is one of the blessings you will hear tomorrow, that purity is power. Peace is power. If we want to have this consistent peace, then you have to do the ras of sanskars. There are gopes and gopis dancing, and Baba calls that as a ras, not dance. A ras really is just with the rhythm, you hold each other’s hands and you keep moving. Dance is a little bit different, we call it ras leela. That means, while doing activities, do a ras with total cooperation and love. Baba said that this is making our stage free from obstacles. Why should my sanskars or anyone’s sanskars become the cause of creating obstacles in my remembrance and service? There were three hundred in the family staying together with Baba. They did everything together, there were a lot of different sanskars and games, but Baba’s company was with them, so there was peace.

Today I was reflecting on how remaining quiet does not necessarily mean peace. Sometimes I am quiet because I am not happy, sometimes I am quiet because I am sad, or any reason, but just check, am I peaceful? Today, I was making efforts as Baba said, to have no disturbance, no confusion, just a peaceful soul and Baba is calling this the power of peace. It was a beautiful blessing this morning in the murli. Even what we are taking for tomorrow is Sat Chit Ananda. So, chit means living being, but chit is also our awareness or attitude. When can I be blissful, that means, beyond the effect of sorrow and happiness? Happiness is like when I have desire, then when this gets done, I am happy. I should always be happy. I have seen some Dadis and brothers, they are always happy, laughing, and every time we see Chandramani Dadi she was one person who never got upset. So, she would have big laughter every time, and there were many places where there was a little conflict, Dadi would send her there. She listened to people. but she was not getting upset, she would keep laughing. Baba used to call her the Lioness of Punjab because she started a center in Amritsar, and then in many other places in Punjab.

So, when chit has truth and nothing mixed in, 100% true and honest, then you are in a blissful stage. Truth in our awareness, truth in our attitude, this is what I felt, it is not just living beings, we all are living beings. Baba is the Living Being, Baba is ever Truth. So, think this way, ”Am I holding to the truth?” Holding to the truth means that my original self, my eternal self, and truth is also me. I am peaceful and loveful. We have lost that, and we are reclaiming it again. Every child is reclaiming, and as much as we progress in this, it becomes natural to be loveful, to be peaceful and pure. Bliss and truth have deep connections. I always say that most of the people say we are okay, but are you in bliss? Are you in bliss, or are you just okay? Bliss is a higher stage because everything in the mind I call it emotions, and emotions are like waves. So, the waves come and the feelings come, they overtake us. However, if my feelings are coming from the truth, I am a loveful soul, I am a pure soul, I am a peaceful soul originally, then that’s what I am. Let my feelings come from there. Otherwise, how much do we keep that which is unnecessary?

I was trying to understand when Baba says to be light. I said, “Why is He saying stay light? So, this morning I realized that we carry things from yesterday, from situations, from this person, and then I put it in baggage. There are a lot of people who want to travel light. We keep putting things in our baggage, so the soul also keeps taking and it’s not useful. Those feelings are from yesterday's situation which is not there. When you think of emotions, the feelings there are like waves and currents, but can I have my feelings from my original stage? That is where Sat Chit Anand comes from, my feelings are from the truth. Along this journey, whatever happens, our experiences, are all part of the journey. We are thinking about tomorrow, we are thinking about today, and what I will do. So, I will keep my truth with me. I am the truth, I am that sat chit, and I will stay blissful.

So, practice tomorrow and see how you feel. I really feel good about it and I will look into what baggage is there. If there is some baggage, just follow Baba’s direction and stay light, so there is no baggage with you. Feelings have a lot of importance, because you feel good, feel love, feelings are important. As much as I am in soul consciousness, as much as I am in my original stage, my feelings will be different. I won’t feel what is not necessary, I won’t even feel it. I am saying this from my experience, so that is what we will be practicing. Be in the truthful stage, be in the original stage. When you can be your feelings, you are not only beyond, you are very natural, seeing everyone’s part, seeing the scenes of Drama, a very detached observer, giving light and might to everyone. So, I can be anand swaroop or blissful.

Om Shanti


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