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God Shiva’s Versions - The supreme beloved #19

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

God_Shiva’s_Versions_19 Mohini_Didi February 19, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is happy and peaceful? Yes, everyone is happy, right? I am happy because there is so much homework that Baba is giving us. So many things are happening, so many souls are settling their karmic accounts, and we have to give them saakash, we have to give them power, we cannot waste our thoughts. Then also for self-progress, for our own spiritual journey, so much has to be done. So, because the intellect is so engaged, there is so much to be done the whole day, that keeps us very busy, but also happy, so that the feelings are not hurt about anything. I always try to keep my feelings very pure and clean. I feel that I have to feel God, I have to feel Baba’s signals, and so my feelings cannot be hurt for whatever reason, or if anything happens. So, I really preserve. Today, I was telling someone who is traveling to India, “Keep singing the song- ‘Thousands of angels around us.’” There is a lot of news, you get only a few, but I get so many calls, this one died, this one was stabbed, this one was robbed. All of that is happening in the world. So, they call us for what? God’s love, power, saakash, and what we all need for ourselves at this time, we try to sort out situations, sort out sanskars. This can go on until the end, right! Those who have the aim that I have to be good on my journey, as I said, how much sacrifice we did to live a life of purity. Why not get the full point of purity, where there is no sorrow, no peacelessness. It takes a few moments, actually a few seconds just to remind yourself who I am, what kind of soul I am. How can I think that way? How can I feel that way? We all went through all these stages, but time is critical both ways. When people ask us for powers or blessings, if I am telling someone to feel angels around you, we will be together. I am promising someone that I will be with you as an angel and then I find that I am caught up into very petty things.

So, somewhere we have to go beyond the scenes of Drama, the little scenes of Drama. There are still a lot of bigger tests to come. These are little tests. I remember that sometimes some souls say that Durga is shown on the lioness, but what if you are disturbed by cockroaches? They are so tiny. So, these little feelings or thoughts, one should be very tired of, and disengage from that. Let the scenes of Drama come and go. So, I like this point of purity, and I keep reminding myself why I lose my peace. So, because of His homework, God is my friend, and the blessing of the day is also so beautiful. So, if we keep using what Baba is giving us, what Baba gives in murli every morning, then homework is the blessing, and we together as family, take homework and do it together. We keep our intellects busy. Baba said, “You have been given a divine intellect.” What is my divine intellect doing? Why does it go to unnecessary things? Scenes of drama will be there until the last moment. Baba says that Maya will come, but remind yourself that I have to be conqueror of Maya, I have to be victorious over Maya. Someone said that we have conquered Ravan, but I said, “Not Maya.” Maya is like the little children of Ravan. One time, Baba said that Maya is like Mickey Mouse, or trying to tease, like saying, “I am still around, see?” So, how do we keep our intellect in constant efforts? How do we keep our intellect not only busy, but internally happy? We were able to do our homework, I was able to use Baba’s knowledge, I was able to use Baba’s blessings, and also, I could help the souls. Every day a few emails come, “Please give saakash to this one in ICU, this one has fallen.” Today, I heard there was a big helicopter crash and one of Baba’s children was connected with that. Every few hours there is something. We know that in the outside world, there is so much tension. At least I feel happy that Baba is keeping us very busy receiving, making efforts, and giving to others. Just send good wishes to people, just send a little saakash. I need to have saakash to send it.

So, for each of Baba’s children, the best service is at this time, to do your homework, and keep the intellect busy. You will feel very internally content. Whatever I did today, even hearing, seeing whatever, I didn’t waste time. I used my powers, so that at night, in the evening, I should be having feelings of achievement and joy. If you are wasting time, thoughts, pondering over things, okay, they are here today, but they might not be there tomorrow. So, happiness really is in my own inner achievements, and Baba touches our hearts. That is why our homework for tomorrow is the most beloved Baba. What does Baba say to the children every day? “Most beloved children.” I just internally feel so joyful, Baba is calling me His most beloved child. I get so happy, so blossomed, who is telling me? This is the most beloved One. The more you feel that Baba is saying this to you, the more you will feel love from everyone. All of Brahmin life is of this gift. Everyone loves me, even whatever they say or think is temporary, and even that doesn’t matter. I am the most beloved child of Baba, everyone is most beloved, so my feelings are good for everyone. Someone says that this one said this about you, I say, “Okay, I still love that soul, because that soul is Baba’s beloved child.” Every child is Baba’s beloved child. So, if Baba looks at me and I say, “Baba, yes, the way you are looking at children, I am looking the same, my brothers and sisters are the same”, you will get marks from Baba. Baba will give you extra marks, that you are a good child. So, every day there is so much entertainment and so much joy. Whatever sorrow is around, I am able to give souls hope, strength, courage, and give enthusiasm to help them to continue on this spiritual journey.

So, our homework for tomorrow is the most beloved Baba, and the most beloved children. What we receive at every moment of the Confluence Age, we wanted for a long time. Take benefit at every moment of the Confluence Age. By staying merged in knowledge, yoga, and dharna, service will happen. You are becoming worthy, and you will keep getting service. So, that should be the thought in everyone’s mind. Most beloved Baba’s children, keep reminding yourself about most beloved Baba, and most beloved children.

Om Shanti


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