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God Shiva’s Versions – The ocean of Purity #10

God_Shiva’s_Versions_10 Mohini_Didi February 10, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar everyone! Yes, everyone is happy. Very good. It's Baba's blessings that we all are happy. Yesterday, I was focusing a lot on the ocean and this morning I was focusing more on knowledge. To receive knowledge is a great fortune because knowledge is understanding. Understanding creates power to discern. Knowledge is also power. Of course, this is spiritual knowledge, but any kind of profession needs knowledge. Look at technology, what is needed to be an engineer or lawyer? Just the knowledge. Baba compares this knowledge to jewels of knowledge. Why does Baba call it gyan ratan or jewels of knowledge? Each point of knowledge makes life more valuable. We start understanding how valuable life is, then we use our thoughts, words, actions, everything for self-improvement and progress so that we can become complete. Baba said that we should do service by doing elevated actions with a true heart, not just as a duty. Anything you do with the heart, there is instant fruit of happiness. If you do it because “I have to do it”, you won't feel happy or powerful. Baba said that the original sanskar of every Baba's child is to serve. Yesterday, I had an interview for something. They're doing some research on how Baba’s children or Brahma Kumaris survived during two years of COVID. Our centers are running. They themselves look well and happy. So, they were asking me, and I said that I always believe more in social work. For example, we do feeding of the poor, helping the sick, and whatever is needed, we do it. I realize that all the suffering of human beings is caused in a large part by the way they think and what they do. If they get knowledge, they will immediately be free from suffering, and create a good future free from suffering, by changing their actions.

God is always called the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness. Baba removes our sorrows. No one else can do this. Knowledge is treasure. They say knowledge is light. That means you can see clearly what is right and what I have to do. Knowledge is also a power and a virtue, it's a qualification. It is with knowledge that our conscience awakens, and we just keep realizing, keep moving forward. Baba is the Ocean and he gives us knowledge. That is why I love murli. Everything is in murli, it's not just intellectual churning of different thoughts. Baba says that more you churn, then you get the butter, and when you feed yourself with butter, you get strong. Baba has arranged that we get murli every day. He has put us on the path, given us such a high aim, and He provides us with sustenance all the time. Those who get nourished and sustained look healthy. The first thing everyone will observe when they look at us is that we look so well. Our nourishment from Baba is the nourishment of knowledge. Purity is a very new concept. Peace is very common. Love is common, but not the word purity. They sing prayers in Hindi, in English, and in different religions praising God as the purifier. “Forgive us, remove our sorrows, remove our sins, forgive us for our sins.” We always pray in religion, but now in gyan we have experience.

Belonging to Baba, we experience purity. Baba said that knowledge is like nectar, and it can only stay in an intellect that is pure. When we make nectar, when we offer bhog, it's very sweet and has a beautiful fragrance of saffron. When you drink it, you enjoy it. You feel very good. The same happens while listening to murli. It's not that I just take points. While listening, do you feel that it's like nectar? Baba is giving us both things through knowledge; armaments and ornaments. Armaments and weapons are to fight Maya. If I am not listening to murli, then I am weapon-less for the day. As young Brahmins, we were taught that Drama is your shield, and sword of knowledge, and chakra. Knowledge of chakra, self-realization destroys the evil, negative thoughts. Keep applying the knowledge, and every situation will tell you how much you have been practicing or implementing knowledge. I was looking today at two powers; the power of silence and remembrance of Baba. Sometimes you feel both, and sometimes you don't. Your mind is not able to go into silence. These are indications that I need to practice more. I should start looking at different ways I can increase the power of silence. It's not about not talking and staying away, but about being silent while in the midst of everything. Looking at Brahma Baba, I really feel so inspired how he did it. He maintained that stability, faith, carefree stage, and fearless state, because he knew that finally, victory is with Baba and Baba's children. Baba has set certain principles for us based on knowledge. I believe that if we follow them, there is definite victory.

So, knowledge also is compared to the third eye. How many of us really try to use our third eye of knowledge? Seeing everyone and every scene of Drama through the third eye, you see how much benefit, benevolence every scene of Drama has. So, purity and knowledge have a deep connection. It’s through knowledge that you maintain purity and when there is purity, you can retain, sustain, and change knowledge into pearls and jewels. These days we are talking about cleanliness and honesty as part of purity. Dadi Janki used to say sachhai, safai. Then she will say cleanliness and simplicity. That was Dadi Janki’s last three words, and it's very easy in life to be honest and to be truthful, not complicated. If I am not that, everything gets more and more complicated. Always remind yourself to maintain your purity, maintain your innocence, and love for God. Of course, He's making us wise, but our intellectual capacity is very incognito. So with Baba's love, Baba's trust, Baba can use us as instruments. One is that I have to do service, the other is to let God use me. I always have told Baba to use me. Baba said “But you have to be qualified.” I said, “I will do that. I will use knowledge, I will be sensible, I will keep enthusiasm, whatever I have to do, I will do, and You use me as an instrument.” Then He does. Baba is the Purifier, but I have to make effort to burn this fire of yoga and purify myself, burning whatever negativity or rubbish is there. So, it will be a beautiful day tomorrow. You will be in the waves of purity and internally keep cleansing with honesty and truth, so that life becomes natural, easy, original, nothing artificial. Definitely, you feel Baba's love, Baba using me as an instrument, and there's no arrogance, nothing of I and mine. So, on this day of Satguru, we thank Satguru Baba for giving us this knowledge of truth, of the original self, of Himself, of Creation, all the knowledge.

Om Shanti


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