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God Shiva’s Versions – The Almighty Authority #7

God_Shiva’s_Versions_7 Mohini_Didi February 7, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We are Brahmins becoming deities. What is the difference? Both have purity and virtues, but Brahmins study and teach. We also have four subjects as Brahmins. A deity is one who is a bestower. Baba gives knowledge and then we share knowledge with others, but we also imbibe virtues. To bestow virtues all the time makes you a deity. Bestowing virtues makes everything successful and easy, because whatever is lacking in Baba's task, if you donate a virtue, then the task will get accomplished. The more we donate, the more we keep becoming deities, worship worthy.

Today, I was experiencing the question, “Is it easy to connect with Baba or to disconnect from other things?” I noticed that if the thought has concentration and determination, then remembrance of Baba is very easy. A lot of attention and practice is required so that every thought is in the present and is free, there aren’t any influences. It's not thinking about the past, connecting with the future or a situation. I thought that's a great practice and a big achievement if we can do it. Baba is Almighty, and I have to not only remember Baba, but receive power from Baba. I noticed how it requires a lot of work to just think of Baba. Then you just feel Baba's power, Baba's company. Otherwise we try to do it through the intellect, but then there isn’t an experience or attainment. I'm sharing the effort that I notice we all need to do. Baba says that all are scenes of Drama, that means they are temporary. Keep moving forward and that scene will pass and another will come. The scenes will keep changing. When you can make your mind and thoughts free, then you can share light and might with others. Thought’s don’t have to be with service all the time. Baba says, “If this is your last moment, what will your stage be like?” I was thinking about how Brahma Baba’s thoughts were with Baba in remembrance. It won't suddenly happen, or happen at the end. We have to keep practicing because there are attainments in the practice. We can experience Baba. There is this life experience, then it doesn't feel very difficult, but just a question of subtly looking at your thoughts. This way, I can understand Baba’s signals very clearly.

Today's homework is Baba as Almighty, all powers. What powers? We talked about eight powers, but Baba doesn't need tolerance, the power to adjust, or power to face. His power is of truth, knowledge, and it is in His love. He's the one who can uplift something which is spoiled. In the path of bhakti, we expect God to act in a certain way. Baba gives an example of the fly that has died. If God is there, he should make it alive. They expect these kinds of miracles. Baba gives us the methods. When we use the right methods, we see the evident result. One time, we were having a program in Delhi. Dadi Prakashmani wanted the president of India to attend the program, and we were not getting any reply. Dadi said, let us all sit for half an hour. We went into Meditation Hall in Pandav Bhavan for one hour. We all were meditating, not saying anything to Baba. At 7:00 there was a call for an appointment. At that moment, Baba responded, because we just had just one pure thought. I am not asking for anything, because Baba will know, but it has to be a very powerful remembrance. So many times, personally and also collectively we achieved what was necessary. My attainments are also part of yagya, because when I attain, I will share and spread those vibrations. Baba will fulfill in whatever way what is needed. To have that remembrance and to receive power I just want to be loveful.

I think of Baba, Baba you are the Ocean of Love and you love me so much, you love everyone. I also want to be the master ocean of love. It's not only for myself that I want to be a master ocean of love, but for being an instrument for God's task. Baba will definitely give but who is the receiver? The receiver has to be prepared/ The Giver is prepared, but I am the one who has to receive and that is why our aim should be to keep stable and maintain that love, so that I can receive. I have to receive that drop, but if intellect is engaged, mind is also busy. I realized this lesson of how our mind and intellect has to be completely detached. We keep thinking about situations, this is a habit. Baba is giving. I have to take it and not get engaged and it's so subtle sometimes. When Baba talks of remembrance you can only remember either Baba or something else, can’t do both. I have to let go of something so that I can receive. You all can reflect and churn on this point. Then you will truly know God's power. Dadi Janki always used to say it is God's power which is sustaining me, keeping me in the body. She had one hundred percent trust that Baba is giving the soul power. I think all of us do experience it but we want it to be more consistent. You want to be the master almighty.

Baba always says one of Baba's powers is to make impure into pure. Human beings cannot make anyone pure. Baba makes us pure, viceless and 16 celestial degrees. We should keep taking that power. That's the first lesson I learned. When I first went to Madhuban, I asked what do I have to take from Baba? Didi Manmohini said, “If you go in front of the ocean, and take a glass, you will get a glass, but if you take a bucket you might fill a bucket.” Learn to go in the ocean. Just sitting around Baba, was like going into the ocean. Completely dive in the ocean. It requires effort. We don't do it with stress or tension, but with understanding. We keep it very clean and unlimited, so that we can receive from Baba. I always say almighty Baba. Our dadi’s would say, almighty Baba and they had so much courage, so much strength. They started centers not knowing much, not knowing people but many good heir souls got created because of their words. Now it's time for ourselves, for the world, that we receive power from Baba, become masters and share power with others.

Om Shanti


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