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God Shiva’s Versions - Master of the Garden #22

God_Shiva’s_Versions_22 Mohini_Didi February 22, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well, okay, happy? Very good, thanks Baba. We use words, and the mouth is like the conch in the hands of Vishnu. They show four ornaments, and one is a conch that is meant to be for awakening the souls. That means the words that we speak should be beneficial and awakening to the soul. Baba said that Maya will come until the end; in bitter form, and then in a sweet form. You children have to be victorious, not careless. Baba says that Maya will not leave you until she is ready to go, but before she goes, she will keep pulling you. So, we have to be attentive. I have been practicing a lot, and there is a great pull to be very engaged in practice. Baba said this morning, “You have to be bodiless, then I will take you with Me.” We listen so much, we see everything, even if it is not necessary, but then all those thoughts will come in the mind. So, to experience Baba, to be close to Baba, I have to be in my original stage of virtues and powers and really bodiless, soul conscious.

So, for an hour or two, I was very pulled. Then I said, “How much time do we really spend in practice? Our intellect is busy, our mind is busy. It is necessary and also a habit. I don’t feel that I have anything now, so I have to keep doing something. Actually, to reach our destination, we will need to make time during the day, even a few times or longer times to practice. The power that will come is the stage ‘ashariri’ or bodiless, where there is no pull of the body, even when the body has pain or illness. This requires a lot of practice. Baba did it, Momma did it, and our Dadi’s did it. So, we all also have to do that. Practice is very important. Have you had a very good conversation with your Surgeon? Did you tell Him everything about what is causing you pain, what is troubling you, what is hurting you? He is the great Healer. Generally, you will keep thinking over and over, but Baba, Baba’s drishti, Baba helps us to just let go of everything and see what I learned, what my reaction was, and how much power I have. We learn and move forward. So, the relationship with Baba as Surgeon is very personal.

Baba has such love for us that He always uses so many elevated titles for us. No one will give you as many titles as Baba gives; Highest on High, Most Elevated, Holy Swan and Spiritual Roses, so many titles! Don’t just listen to the words, what Baba says, but feel what He is saying to you, and that feeling will help you to experience that quality in you. It’s not a question of creating any ego, no, it is spiritual intoxication. It is very important to have spiritual intoxication, because then you are not attracted or affected by anything. We also know that God is speaking. He is looking at us children and reminding us how we began our journey. We were divine, we were pure, we were 16-degrees full, we were Maryada Purushottam. Then gradually, we reached a stage where there are no degrees. Baba says, “You are a pure soul.” He trusts us immediately, and we said, “Yes Baba. I am a pure soul. I want to live a pure life and I want to become 100% pure.” So, we start making efforts to become 100% pure.

Every word that Baba speaks to us is so elevated. These are not only words, they have powers, they are blessings. Then we listen, our heart is touched, and we start creating that awareness and start becoming that. Baba said, “Children, your life has to be like a lotus flower, untouched and above.” So, we all are making efforts, and of course each one of us has attained some percentage of that stage of how to live amongst everything. Everyone must be detached and lovely. Baba also then looks at us as beautiful flowers. Each one of you, just imagine for a moment that Baba is changing the forest of thorns into a garden of flowers. Baba is changing the whole world. Anger and greed or jealousy or ego, they are all thorns. One hurts others and the self. So, Baba makes us flowers. We have never heard of anyone who can change thorns into flowers. We realize that this is what Baba did to us. We are very careful in our thoughts, words and actions so that we don’t prick, but remain full of fragrance, beauty, color. The Gardener has love for everyone.

So, tomorrow when you wake up in the morning, just look at yourself with Baba in your garden. I am a beautiful, fully blossomed flower. I have the determined thought that I will stay fully blossomed and not allow Maya, or any storm, to come. I will receive, and open myself to sunlight, open myself for watering, take it, receive it, it's there. Baba is providing for us, taking care of us, making us flowers. We are living flowers; we can look at Baba. Other flowers can't see the gardener, they can feel the gardener. When a gardener is taking care of any plant, the love for that plant and flower helps that plant and flower to grow and blossom. That is why they say when you are watering your plants, do it with love. Some people even play very soft music near plants and they say that the plants really blossom and grow nicely. So, Baba’s murli is a song for us. Baba’s light and might is on each one of us. I just have to be in the open garden and have the awareness of being a flower. So, experience that relationship with Baba, “I am a flower and Baba is the Gardener.”

So, now very soon we will be celebrating Dadi Gulzar’s first anniversary on March 11. Avyakt BapDada, in the Avyakt murli, reminds us of what Baba became and also through the medium; her love, sweetness, connection with Baba, and closeness with Baba was amazing. We all also have to remain very close with our Source, for our sunlight, for our watering, for everything the flower needs from Baba. He is the Gardener, and He is taking care of us. Don’t be too worried about Maya! Maya will do what Maya has to do! We will do what we have to do! So, we all have to be delicate and soft like flowers but very strong, very stable. So, tomorrow, experience that relationship, and I am sure that you all will have beautiful experiences.

Om Shanti


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